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Mt. Rose and Slide Mountain - April 30th 2006 - Reno Nevada
Mountain Computers Inc.
Oregon Institute of Technology
University of Nevada Reno
Truckee Meadows Community College
Washoe County Library System - Nevada
University of Phoenix
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Microsoft XP Professional and Home SP3
Windows 7
We support Windows 10 still!
We support Apple products as well!
We support Linux systems too!
We support Windows 11
Washoe County School District, Nevada USA
Microsoft Corporation, 3 generations of logos. From the New Mexico Office, to the Bellevue Washington Office, to the Redmond Washington Office. The 2nd generation logo is a divit in the first 'o' called the blibbit, and the blibbit was a hamburger at the Microsoft cafeterias which was pretty tasty. exmsft, 1991-1997

The retail store is closed as of November 2021.
The GGPCTU Lab is operating.
The MTNCOMP business service center is by appointment only.
In-store PC Repairs & Upgrades
Desktops, Laptops, Same Day Inspect/Bench.
$95/hr for Same Day Service in-store.
$100/hr for onsite home service and remote support
* charged in 15 minute increments. 1/2 hr minimum.
Business Professional Services
On-site and in-store support and Repair of Workstations, Servers, Networks, Applications, Databases, Email, Security.
$100/hr for Remote Business Support.
Data Recovery
Hard drives, USB, Jump, Flash, 3.5" 5.25" 100-250 Zip Drives, Outlook PST & Outlook Express DBX, Exchange Server Email folders, Backup BKF Files
Password Recovery & Resets
You forgot your password - If you have an PC, Laptop, Server or Network, we can do it in about 15-20 minutes
$95 to 125/hr
Varies. Depends on complexity
$65 to $300
Depending on complexity.
$45 to $300
Depending on complexity.
• Basic Website
• Intermediate Website
• Ecommerce Website
Webhosting & Web Design Services
Website SEO
Community & Educational Friends
What makes Mountain Computers better and different than other computer companies?

#1 Satisfaction

What comes as no surprise is that customer satisfaction and great service is also a great benefit when hiring Mountain Computers and our team for your IT projects, short term IT contracts, IT freelance needs and support.

#2 Quality
Our procedures & processes, trade secrets and intellectual properties make your repair, sales and solution very unique, very professional and knowledgeable.

#3 Expertise
Mountain Computers is owned and operated by professionals in computer systems engineering, specializing in computing expertise, quality customer service and communication, deep understandings of all operating systems, expert technical support and troubleshooting, networking, databases and application support and development, as well as, website design and development since 1993.

#4 Teamwork
Today the team of proteges are helping grow the company along with a great customer base and business network.

#5 Ethics & Honesty
Doing honest and ethical work is the cornerstone of our success and for others in good will and good faith.
Database Security Audit
Biz Security Audit
Business Tech & Compliance Audit
or $250/hr
Non-Profit Technology Grant Writing Assistance
or $500/hr
Cyber Analytic
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