Project History of Clients, Projects, Technology and Research

Since 1978, the founder and on again off again team has provided some of the best computing solutions & Internet solutions to date. Starting in Oregon, and on to Missouri, Virginia, Kansas, and back to Oregon, up to Washington, Utah, Puerto Rico, California and some 20 other US states, and finally onto Nevada and Arizona. The first big client was the IRS in 1982, and then the second big client was BBS ONE in 1993 and now up until today 2024 - The List. In between there have been thousands of clients. The List we call it covers so many different industries and technologies; some exist still today and some have been sadly retired. Enjoy "the list" and feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to be added as a new customer so that we can help solve your business, marketing, Internet and computing needs.

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  AHS Math Labs - Apple ][+, ][e, III

  IBM XT/10 First Gen

  TRS-80 Model IV

  TRS-80 Model III (IRS)

  '82-83 Programmer, Internal Revenue Service, State of Oregon Financial Audit Group

  Commodore 64 (programmer)

  Macintosh Lab -

  Commodore SX-64 (programmer)

  Southern Oregon State College | 1981-1984


  SOSC Commodore 64 Labs

  Harris 500 / Hazeltine 2000 / SysAdmin

  Cobol / Fortran 77 / Pascal / Turtle

  US Army | Ft. Leonard Wood, Ft. Lee, Ft. Riley | 1984-1987

US Army Basic Training
 Company A-5-3 Sgt. Rock
 Ft. Leonard Wood Missouri

US Army Quartermaster School
 Delta Platoon. Animal House, MOS 76C10, Sword & Key
 Ft. Lee Virginia

US Army Active Duty Station
 34th Combat Engineer Group (Combat Heavy), Group Command @ Custer Hill
 541st Maintenance Battalion, Alpha Company/HHC
 Ft. Riley, Kansas

  Commodore 128 (programmer)

  VAX 11 780 / IBM 360


  OIT Computing Labs

  Commodore 128D (programmer)

  IBM XT/AT 286/386/486

  Sequent 64 - South Hall OIT mini mainframe

  PDP-11 - CSET OIT Assembly

  Harris 500, Harris 800

  Macintosh Plus, SE/80


  Andrew R Flagg Enterprises - Moonlighting

  Snohomish, Washington

  BBSONE - Mustang Software

  GridGraph - Excel competitor (Exec Fast Graph)

  Microsoft Corporation, Bellevue/Redmond/Bothell Washington

  Microsoft North America & International Replication @ Canyon Park*

  Microsoft North America & International Manufacturing @ Canyon Park*

  Microsoft Worldwide Quality Services @ Crystal Palace*

  Microsoft Worldwide PC Support @ Canyon Park*

  Microsoft Puerto Rico, Humacao Manufacturing and Software Replication

  Microsoft Brazil, São Paulo Manufacturing and Software Replication

  Microsoft Authorized OEM Replication

  Microsoft Worldwide Operations @ Crystal Palace

  Microsoft IT/Finance @ Building 11

  Microsoft PSS, Executive Escalation Support to Office of Bill Gates

  Microsoft PSS International

  Microsoft PSS US Sales, Cannes France ISE Group

  Microsoft Piracy

  Microsoft Licensing @ Reno, Nevada

  Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS), North America (Word, MS-DOS, Windows)

  Microsoft PSS *STARS* France

  Microsoft NT Labs @ Bldg. 2


Andrew R Flagg Enterprises - Moonlighting

  Winnemucca NV

  Mike's Computer Services 

  The-OnRamp.Net ISP

  DesertLinc ISP

  Rule of 3 Theory, Theorem and Application** (a dissertation)

  Lots Of Blocks (a Christmas heirloom; invention series)


  TheGriddle - Original website and Idaho Business/Marketing Plan

  Vision West Realty

  Integrated Technology Partners LLC (ITP-LLC)


  Maga Trucking (Lucille, Randy, Alexis)

  AO Productions

  Philips Furniture

  JodiJacaway - Century 21 Realty

  WebStew - 1999  (Google variant/PointCast)

  CoolTrade - 2001 to present (NeuralTick)


  21 Medical Systems | HGH | NRHP

  Humboldt General Hospital

  Nevada Rural Health Partners

  Tahoe TeleRadiology (PACS)

  Project Magic MSMDB/SQL db Reporting System | NV
  -Tri-County Juvenile Probation Tracking System

  K2 Graphics, Payson/Mesa - Arizona (Startup investor)


Reno Nevada

Reno4Sale - 2002-2006 (Startup investor, business & systems architect)

Redundant Networks (Data Center) NOC Manager/Interim-Director => BEA / Oracle

Regional4Sale - 2002-present (Startup investor, business & architect developer)

Mountain Computers

GoGreen PC TuneUp

Ballroom Dance Reno

Daily Guitars

Mountain Marketing

Malaria Solution Foundation | Miss Jenny

Washoe Med - Washoe Health System - Professional Plaza

Snowy River EMS (

OrthoPro Reno - Dave King

The Loan Queen

Pretentious Poodle

Reno Commercial Properties

Desert Diamonds Realty

Silver State Plastics

Biggest Little City Entertainment

Reno Nevada Wireless

Apex Anodizing

Great Basin Data Recovery

Antiques & Treasures Downtown


Washoe Legal Services

Orthopaedic Associates

Reno Builders Exchange

Michael C. Helm - Mayhem Mediums

American Sign and Crane

Specialty Welding Supply



Nevada Partners Insurance

OIT Nevada

Ring of Fire Customs

Mountain Tools

Mountain Cutlery


Bebes By Sayuri

Reno Air Brush

The North Virginian Apartments

The Villager Apartments

Jack Harpster Publishing

Reno Sparks DUI Classes


Bavarian World

2 Phase Tech

Mark Mausert Law (v1.0)

Gauler Sanborn Realty

Canada Prescription Services

Bettes Pet Supplies



Vassar Self Storage

Horseshoe Jewelry & Loan

Integrated Spinal Solutions

CG Sells Reno

ARC Health and Wellness

Draw Blood Poker

Mama Mia Delivers

Dignity After FootBall

Swanky Shampagne

Reed Electric

The Abbi Agency

Thompson Garage Doors

Martin Ross Security


City of Reno, Financial Advisory Board


Renown Health

R4 Solutions Inc

Washoe County Technology Services

UNR Med Information Technology







UNR Environmental Health & Safety

Library Board of Trustees, Washoe County Nevada

HeavenBound Lifestyle Center

Mark Mausert Law Offices (v2.0)

Reno Pool Medic

HI-CAP Firearms / Pawn World

Nevada Gun Training / Turner Firearms


Skoosh Ink

Rapid 7 Open Data


City of Reno Housing Authority

City of Reno Nevada, Financial Advisory Board

State of Nevada, Dept. of Taxation

Steve's Collision Center

High Tech Collision Service

Preferred Networks Nevada since 2014 (ai/ml coder/tester/contributor/evaluator since 2014)

NGC Stucco and Drywall


Northern NV Court Process Services

Grace Community Church

Reno Tahoe Geo Associates formerly Marvin Davis & Associates

Mt. Rose HVAC (onsite at NNMC new site)

Personal Defense NV LLC

Hacker One (Security Analyst)

Quora (Contributor) channel - GGPCTU

YouTube Channel - GGPCTU

New Generation Construction


Wykle Research (since 2013, 2020 refresh)

Westernaire Mechanical HVAC

Apex Anodizing

Barry Chall 4K Video Productions

European Fitness Center

Friends of Nevada Wilderness

BCM Services

Ron Avery CPA

MFG Housing & Construction (Washoe / Elko)


Construction Analytics, LLC

Odyssey Engineering & Land Surveyors

ACTRA 2019 National Finals & Secure Portal

DMG North

Kelley Erosion Control

Olsen Chiropractic Center

Mardian Development

Hernandez Electric NV

Silver State Brokers (Transportation/Logistics Management)

Superior Door and Window (Carson City)

Solutions Counseling (early 2020 edition)

CentOS - Beta Tester since 2013

Linux Mint - Beta Tester since 2016

Peppermint OS & Codeweaver Crossover w/ Office 2016 Bottle Beta-Tester since 2018

Oracle VM VirtualBox - Beta Tester since 2014

GoGreen PC TuneUp Unleashed v5.0

ICANN DynDNS | Applied Optimization Research

Mtn Support Form v5 Framework

myBlog Framework

Data Science by Andy

The Appellant

How to Tame Your Computer and Data


Sierra Pallet

DZRO Ohana 2018 Instructors

Jump Man Jump

What's My Value Add?

The Appellant Volume 1, 4th Edition

Truckee Meadows Remembered

BTFab IT System

GoGreen PC Tune Up v4.0

Energy Optimization Services (EOS) v2.0



The Appellant 1st Edition

Mountain Publishing

Evoke Fitness (FitnessRocks portal)

StarSound Audio

Bizarre Guitars & Bizarre Guns

Energy Optimization Services (EOS v1.0)

Mystery Chess formerly Chess96

SEO Hero Bibs ( & wix platform) | Wix $50k challenge

Accredited EMS Fire Training

Daily Guitars - Revised

Red Roof Self Storage

Northern Nevada Chiropractic

Highlands Wireless

Reno Tahoe Geo Associates formerly Marvin Davis & Associates

Marvin Davis & Associates

Integra / ELI / Zayo EOC


DZRO Ohana 2016 Instructors

Shoreline Wear Company

Diamond Self Storage

At Once Bail Bonds

Athena Gynecology

Vision Machine Products

Hair Extensions by Marla

StarQuest Mastery


Trepp Enterprises

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic

Danzan Ryu Ohana 2016

Learn Rights

David Gonzales Art

The Victorian Inn

Brohawn Law

Sandys Electronics Reno

Kat Groomer Reno

Richard Hescox

EZ Credit Bail Bonds

Nevada Building Services

Reno Janitorial Services

Carson City Office Cleaning

Reno Sparks HypnoTherapy



Advanced Health Chiropractic

AHS Reunion - Ashland Oregon Class of 1984

Incalescence NASA Space Apps

How Private Are We

European Fitness Center

Tahoe Reno Taxi

Top of China Buffet

Moonlight Photography Tahoe|Reno

BK Entertainment

Steven Harris Voice (VoiceOvers)

Construction Scheduling Consultants

OnTrack Scheduling

Mountain Foam and Coating

Automotive Service Center Reno

Jean's Barber Shop

Irish Green Lawns (IGLR) Reno

Reno Nevada Liquor Stores Group

Boardwalk Realty - Arthur Mann

Travella & Associates Reno Nevada Tax Services


Gail Willey Landscaping / Colorock

Sparks United Methodist

Target Cam

3d-4d Printing Systems

Total Resource Industries


Zephyr Adventures Reno

Reno Sparks Property Management

My Music Scripts

Men's Jacket & Pants

Reno Sparks

Scottsdale Arizona


Automated Trading Research Group

Financial U Turn