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Download Now!!! -- Click Here to Get Remote Support!

** Quick Support Instructions

Download Now!!! -- Click Here to Get Remote Support!
Step 1. Download/Install "Teamviewer Version"
.... Tip: Click Download Icons to the lower left, to install Quick Support or Full Version

Step 2. Locate your Teamviewer ID # and Password (pwd).

Step 3. Contact our technical support team and provide ID# and pwd.

.... Support Phone : 775-287-9552 Support Hours 8AM-5PM PST

.... Support Email :
We charge by the 1/4 hour. Due upon end of support session. Payable by VISA/MC/AMEX/Discover, Cash or Local Check. We do invoice regular customers and businesses who are referrals from other business and with reputable references.
One realizes that they need computer help and cannot get the computer to our store. The computer still has Internet access but something is wrong and not running right. That is where a remote support tool like Teamviewer comes in.

For us, we have licenses for Teamviewer. If you download a newer version of that we cannot support you. The links we provide are the legally licensed version we use until we find a better solution that is very affordable and hopefully free.
TEAMVIEWER REMOTE SUPPORT - Fast. Efficient. Secure. Trusted.
The product we use is Teamviewer. It is safe, secure and fast. There is no cost for you to use the "default download" and use for "personal purposes and reasons". Mountain Computers has its own TeamViewer business license for our use to legally remote connect with you that we manage and maintain annually with TeamViewer Gmbh.

If you are new to Remote Support, please read this entire page. It tells and shows you how this works. It's pretty fast and easy. Billing is easy for us and you. Payment over the phone or by US Mail.

Let's Get Started with Step #1
When we first started Mountain Computers in 2006, remote support was considered not an option because we had no reputation to show or prove. We figured by the 5th year of in-store and onsite home and business support, we could now prove and show we could be trusted.

In 2011, we started with remote business support using Microsoft remote desktop tools under the highest security measures and by 2013, we had our support processed honed. In 2013 we started personal support to home and retail users and that took us about 2 years to perfect.

Now by the end of 2016 - Can you trust us? The answer is absolutely Yes! The people at Mountain Computers has been providing all types of support for 35 years. Getting started with support, "We don't call you. You call us."

For added protection you can always verify it is our team by verifying the ticket # and/or person by name and their voice, and especially our awesome personalities. If in doubt call our office at any time before you accept remote support from Mountain Computers.

We do not outsource our support to any company, and if we do on a temporary basis, you will know in advance and be properly informed because some of our vendors and suppliers might have to help us with something advanced and complicated to verify implementation of a specialized application or service.
If the computer does not boot or will not connect to the Internet then Remote support is not an option. You need to schedule a time for us to visit your location or have you deliver or ship your computer to our store.
Teamviewer is a remote support program and more. For personal/non-commercial use it is free. For business purposes like our company, we licenses for our employees to use. Subcontractors have their own licenses.