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Overdue Payment of Services - Internet Web Hosting
If you your account balance is overdue by 30 days, services tied to your account will be disabled until the balance is paid. Your services will be restored if you pay the balance due.

Overdue Payment of Services - Computer Sales, Service Repair
If you your account balance is overdue by 30 days, arrangements can be made to postpone or extend payment and pickup of your property.

Payment or communications not received after 3 months; equipment will be considered abandoned. If property has been received by customer and payment was not made at the time of pickup or repair, your account will be closed and will not be re-opened without settlement.

Prizes, Discounts, Savings
Mountain Computers from time to time offers discounts, savings, coupons, and prizes. While these offerings are not always ongoing, these are all considered to add value to our customers needs. Customers receive value in discounts and savings when conditions in the economy and world deem it necessary.

If computers and any type, including any type of software, equipment, peripherals are left on the premises for 30 days or more after contact and pickup has been requested, and owner fails to respond to requests to retrieve or receive their property, the owner hereby forfeits ownership to Mountain Computers Inc.

Warranty Support
Warranty support is considered the same as normal computing and business support and services. Mountain Computers prides itself with satisfaction guarantee service. Warranty Support is suspended temporarily if an account and client is overdue on payment of services rendered regardless of service. When balance due or payment plan agreed warranty support continues. The warranty coverage period is not extended through the warranty support suspension period.

If you should choose to cancel your services, please provide 30 days advance notification. You can notify Mountain Computers Inc. by mail, email or by calling our customer service number at 775-287-9552.

Limitation and Right to Refuse Service to Customers on limited Internet access and out of Area.

Mountain Computers reserves the right to refuse service to customers who are out of state, out of area of Western Nevada and not within 15 minutes of our downtown reno store. Home and Business customers alike, Mountain Computers reserves the right to refuse service and cancel service if determination is made that the range of the service call would put an undo burden on the staff and resources of our company. A customer who is out of area, and on Dial-up services is to not be offered services. If Mountain Computers agrees to and provides services, payor cannot refuse payment or stop payment.

A refund of your account could be available on annually paid services that are not dependent on third party contracts that have annual contracts and binding agreements that do not permit us to refund your account. Mountain Computers, Inc. solely will make the final decision on refund amount and method of refund.

Before legal action can be taken with Mountain Computers, Inc due to disputes in services, accounting, fees or other types of agreements or contracts, the customer, client or designate is required to initiate third party arbitration proceedings before any formal legal action can be carried out with Mountain Computers, Inc. without charges or fees required on either party or 3rd party.

Acts of Terrorism, Child Pornography
By International & US federal, state, county, and local laws, any US citizen who witnesses or discovers acts of terrorism, child abuse, child pornography, or any other felony of such nature must be reported to local, state, and/or federal authorities. Any attempt to conspire or hide such discovery is also a international and federal crime.

------Special Terms and Conditions -----

Free and long term warranty support of US Veteran computers provided through the Nevada Veterans Affairs department is supported.

Washoe County School District
Due to our relationship with the IT advisory subcommittee, Mountain Computers extends is support and services to the agency while onsite to fix and advise local IT employees at no charge.

Univerity of Nevada Reno / Truckee Meadows Community College
Due to our relationship with the IT organization, Mountain Computers extends is support and services to the agency while onsite to fix and advise local IT employees at no charge for consultation. We have provided this support for nearly 2 years and are proud to provide free consultation.

2011 Dell Warranty Support Overload and Backlog Support
Dell Computers through its warranty support agencies enlisted the help of Mountain Computers to resolve an overload and backlog of warranty repairs in the Truckee Meadows area. The services rendered are to be guaranteed under the contracts between Technical Support Worldwide (TSW) and Dell Computers, the authorized OEM vendor and agent.

2008 Fernley Canal Flood
A local flood in the region affected residents. The company has offered free data recovery and restoration services. This offer allows for those properly identified and affect residents to deliver their computer to Mountain Computers and have professional staff analyze and attempt recovery of data and then restore that data to a format that is appropratie to the customer for a neglible fee, usually $2-3 per DVD. If a PC replacement is requested and the data transfer is requested, then a fair fee of $85 is allowed to be billed in the labor to perform the transfer billable to the insurance company and/or customer. Reasonable and prudent determination of fees of labor and replacement PC is allowed and only allowed if approved by the customer and/or their insurance agent.

Infringement Notification
If there is any content or links, or such that is found to be infringing upon any author or entity, the US Law and International law states, that notification is required and proof of infringement is provided therefore correction can be made and in doing so no harm no foul and no intent to defraud or infringe; no liability is plausible and pursued. No intent to harm or infringe is implied. Sources provided to Mountain Computers Inc are reviewed and considered viable and plausible. All links and references are made with due notice and protection of trademark and copyright is provided; attribution set forth as mandated by law and common sense. Mountain Computers provides hundreds of links and suggestions to customers and a daily basis, and we reserve the right to protect our own intellectual property, and the property and rights of others.

Retention Policies
The retention policies are: active email about 30 days because we get so much spam its deleted and trashed, the rest is up to the associate businesses we work with yet for the most part just 1 year, others like 3 to 7 years, yet we try to keep as much as we can as memorabilia purposes.