Mountain Computers Inc.
"Thank you so much for fixing my computer. You are the best!"
Paula T. Carson City Nevada October 2011

"I don't know anything about computers. If it weren't for you I would probably just turn it off and throw it out."
Bob. D. Reno Nevada October 2011

"Thanks so much. You guys are great!"
Allen B. Reno Nevada October 2011

"If you’re in the area, I highly recommend taking your computer woes to Andy Flagg, Computer Woe Psychiatrist."
Emily Dettling September 2011, Truckee California

"Outstanding! Thank you again for transferring my data and making my TradeStation work perfectly!"
Clyde B. Reno September 2011

"My computer works so much better. Best Buy took 4 months and said 4 days. Loved your service!"
Diane A. Reno Nevada September 2011

"Thank you for upgrading my computer by cloning my small drive to a big drive. That was easy!"
Steve A, Reno Nevada September 2011

7 "You guys are great. Thanks for replacing our ROTC JUMS operating system to 64 bit!"
Jeff K. Reno Nevada September 2011

"Thank you for quick fix!"
Eric T. September 2011

"Thank you so much. Two laptops that worked for 3 years and now both dead. Thank you for not charging us for determining their were DOA."
Kim Y. Reno Nevada September 2011

"Thank you for removing the virus."
Jerry G. Reno Nevada September 2011

"Thank you. It has been a long while since I brought you a computer. It nows works great again."
Craig S. Reno Nevada September 2011

"You guys are great! No charge? Nonesense. Charge me something."
Ed K. Reno Nevada September 2011

"I had no idea my profile was corrupted. Thanks for saving my data and keeping the cost low."
Kayla G. Reno Nevada September 2011

"It has been many years - we just got viruses on both computers. Thanks for fixing them and bringing them up-to-date."
Juan C. Reno Nevada September 2011

"Really, no charge? Thank you. We don't know what we did. Just something stupid."
Lou R. Reno Nevada September 2011

"Thank you for taking my computer and making it ready for my friend at no charge."
Susan K. Sparks Nevada August 2011

"That virus I got was the worst. Thank you for taking it out and giving me a nice discount as a return customer"
Julie D. Reno Nevada August 2011

"Thank you for upgrading my Dell Optiplex 755 from 250GB to 1TB. That clone tool you used worked perfectly with Windows 7."
Steve F. Gold Mining and Minerals, Sparks Nevada August 2011

"Thank you for the tune-up of both of home computer and laptop. They both run so much faster now. It has been a few years since we last visited and knew you would take good care of us."
Betty C. August 2011

"The video card you recommended and we bought is very nice. Thank you for stopping by our townhouse and installing it so fast and setting up our three monitors."
Stephanie C. Reno Nevada August 2011

"Those pesky viruses and hackers got into my email account. Thank you for the instructions on getting it fixed and checking my computer for viruses and trojans and making sure my firewall is working."
Bill T. Reno Nevada August 2011

"The computer the VA got for me is really nice. Thank you for going the extra mile and effort to get us a system that will last us a long time."
Gary & Denise, Fallon Nevada, August 2011

"You are a life saver. Twice now with our computers"
Petroleum Industries, Reno Nevada June 2011

sorry. << ps. April / May 2011 testimonials to be posted soon >> over 80 nice comments..

"Thank you from Greater Light for the repair of our church PC. Again, you continue to serve and help."
Glenn Jr., Greater Light - Sparks, Nevada March 2011

"Love my new website! Now I have to figure out how to pay for it" M. H., Nevada March 2011

"I just got back from vacation. I left my PC on. Now it does not work. Thanks for fixing the crashed hard drive." Charlotte, Reno Nevada March 2011

"You Rock! My laptop was dead. Shipped it from Tombstone, AZ and you fixed it in 2 days and shipped it back perfect! Andy you rock!" B. S. G, Tombstone, AZ March 2011

"I love my new PC. Thanks for the build to order system!" Chris B., Reno Nevada March 2011

"Our accounting business PC has had no problems for 4 years since you last fixed it. Suddenly, last week, we got a virus from a new employee. Thanks for the quick fix!" Kathy, Reno Nevada March 2011

"Thank you for fixing our casino's highway signage PC so fast. Blown power supply and CMOS battery nearly dead, leading to lost motherboard info. You guys rock! Thanks for the same day service!" Sparks Casino March 2011

"It has been 2 years since I was at your store. Thank you for the fast service on my PC problems." Zolt R. Reno Nevada February 2011

"I thought my laptop was dead. Who would have known the laptop battery was causing my laptop to not boot. Thanks for the $20 fix and replacement battery." T. J. Cold Springs, Nevada February 2011

"I hate viruses. Thanks for the fast repair of my PC." Steven B. Reno Nevada February 2011

"I had a regular at work refer these guys and im so thankful he did! Brought two broken laptops into them and less than a week later i had my problems solved for $130! They do not charge diagnostic fees which is nice, they just charge for the parts and service. I have used the Computer Guy in the past and that was a nightmare, i recommend these guys and will use them again in the future!" Erika S. Reno NV 2/23/2011 YELP

"I bought this computer for $1800 from another company. Thank you for telling me the true value. I overpaid for something that your company would have given me 3x as much for 60% less.Thanks for the tune-up anyhow." J.C. Sparks, Nevada February 2011

"My monster machine won't boot. Thanks for fixing the RAID array problems so fast! This is the $3000 special order system specification I gave you for your review. I built it myself 2 years ago. I was stumped." Will, Reno Nevada February 2011

"Our company is very happy with your service. Our network and servers have never run this good. Thanks for documenting our network and all. Our backups are now working properly too!" South Reno Financial Services Provider January 2011

"Our business PCs and servers are running perfectly now because of Mountain Computers. Thank you Andy for the professionalism and quality of work." Ed, Reno Nevada January 2011

"Thank you again for fixing my computer that the VA provided. Sorry about my kids getting viruses on it. Thanks for the warranty coverage." Heury T. Fallon, Nevada January 2011

"Wish our company would have your company fix our computers. You have fixed all my computers perfectly." Donna M., Sparks, Nevada January 2011

"Thank you Mountain Computers. You fixed our server in minutes. Bad power supply. Had no idea it was going to be that fast and easy. We were afraid it was going to cost of thousands. $150 is a deal." Sarah, Accountant, Reno, Nevada January 2011

"AT&T Uverse screwed up my network after you fixed it 2 months ago when we were on Charter and charter screwed it up. Thank you for coming back out and fixing my business network at my home." Alfredo A., Galena Heights Reno Nevada January 2011

"Thank you for just charging me the OEM cost of the display on my laptop and 1/2 hour to replace it." W. Daniels, Sparks, Nevada
January 2011

"I hate viruses. I did what you told me, and my kids did it! If a pop-up occurs, just shut down the computer, and I though I still got a virus, at least it was fast and cheap for you to fix it." Brian Henry, Reno Nevada January 2011

"You saved me a bunch of money. The other company told me to buy a new laptop.Glad you said it was just the laptop battery going bad that kept my system from running." Vicki C. Reno, Nevada January 2011

"I will now clean my computer once per year per your advice. Had no idea a clogged CPU fan would cause my computer to shutdown."
Jason W. Sun Valley, NV January 2011

"Thank you for the help on imaging my system and doing the analysis of the drive. I would not have anyone else do it. I trust you."
Jeff H. November/December 2010

"Thank you for fixing my Alienware laptop! It works great now." M. Ashley, December 2010

"Why do I get these viruses? You told me time and time again, and yes, I think I will remember this time to not click on weird pop-ups."
L. M. Reno Nevada December 2010

"Thank you for your help."
J. H. Reno, Nevada December 20, 2010

"It has been 2 years since I was at your store and you fixed my computer so nicely. I will still only come here. You at least give me a fair deal."
Tom Miller, Reno Nevada December 2010

"Best Buy Geek Squad screwed up my laptops. I brought them to you, and thank you. Atleast, you told me the truth. One of them DOA. The other just needed the battery replaced and the OS reloaded. You saved me $300."
Tony C., Reno Nevada December 2010

"I love my new computer. It's a shuttle; what is a shuttle."
Marlene S., Reno, Nevada December 2010

"Our last computer company won't return calls for one month. We just found out they don't exist anymore. Our quickbooks payroll is down. Thanks for your help to solve our immediate needs."
Glenn, Sparks NV December 2010

"You know man, every time my computer dies, I have to bring it to you. Thank God you give me a break. My kids are killing me."
Brian H. Reno Nevada November 2010

"I don't know what happened. The power outage, now my computer won't boot. You said kick it. I did, and it started working. Where did you learn that?" Note. thank you for letting me at least give your free range eggs for your telephone help and no charge. Tari, Lemmon Valley November 2010

"That was a quick fix! Dead power supply!" K. Local Oil Company. November 2010

"Thank you for selling my computer through on consignment." Paul Y., Sparks, NV November 2010

"Thank you for fixing our computers once again so fast!"
J. King, jROTC WSCD November 2010

"My engineering computers were so bad until you fixed them."
George M., Engineering Designer November 2010

"The folks at UNR highly recommend your company."
Bill, Reno, Nevada November 2010

"My business needs are always served by you. My business will soon succeed because of your help."
Tim, Reno Nevada November 2010

"Thank you once again for fixing my daughters laptop."
Tim, Reno Nevada November 2010

"You guys are the best!"
Rance, Reno Nevada November 2010

"Seriously, from what I know and have heard, you have the best reputation in town. Thanks for fixing my laptop "
Linda B., Reno Nevada November 2010

"I heard you are the best place to bring my laptop for repair."
Mr. S. Ascuaga. Sparks, Nevada November 2010

"Thank you for fixing our business network so fast. We were down for nearly 2 hours, and within 1 hour later, we were back up and running. Massive power outages are really bad for business in Carson City downtown."
Michele, Carson City Business Owner October 2010

"Thank you for the Dell warranty work and support on my broken VA provided laptop. As a veteran going to Sierra Nevada College, I was having the college IT guys work on my laptop and they could not fix it. Glad I called and brought it back to you as I was suppose to."
Bridgett, US Veteran, SNC Incline Village October 2010

"You guys truly are the best! You really are." Jacque - Reno, Washoe County School District September 2010

"A friend of mine at UNR said you were the best. Thanks for fixing my laptop so easily and fast." Ron, UNR September 2010

"Are you sure I don't owe you anything. Thanks for not charging me for the repair." Jeff A. - Reno Nevada September 2010

"You are amazing. I love the remote support. We are in Arkansas and for you to remotely figure out the problem and fix it, wow!"
Joe. - Business Owner, Arkansas September 2010

"I know I could have figured it out but you could fix my laptop and computer 10x faster." Doug and Kathy -Reno Northwest August 2010

"Dang Microsoft outlook pst file. Thanks for fixing it so fast. I tried everything. My email had not worked for 3 days and I had to get so much email and work done." Roger - Reno, Nevada September 2010

"Thanks for fixing the virus on my computer!" Mike M. - NW Reno Nevada August 2010

"Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Yeah, I know 6 months is a long time. Thanks for salvaging my data and parts." Matt - Reno, Nevada August 2010

"The other computer company just disappeared and left us hanging. We were worried and you helped us out faster than expected. We were very worried. Thanks for helping us out on short notice with Internet solution provider Integra Telecom, Internet, LAN and server." Randy, Chris - Business Owners July 2010

"Thank you for helping us out! The other computer company unexpectedly folded. Our advanced network, server and email was undocumented. Thanks for making changes, fixing, teaching and documenting our existing technology." Don, Wayne, Derek - Business Owner & Team July 2010

"Thank you. It was easier than expected. With our new network setup, email services, and backup protection, servers and computers. Thank you and Blessings." Sparks United Methodists, Sparks, Nevada June 2010

"Thank you for the recommendation on the printer recommendation. It was more than our budget supported, and we bought a cheaper solution. Now we wish we would have gone with your recommendation." Local HUD Organization July 2010

"Andy, you are a miracle worker. Thanks for getting our network change over from AT&T to Charter a seemless process." Jeannie, Orthopaedic Associates Reno Nevada May 2010

"Thank you MTN for the help on getting our email and network problems resolved." Local Medical Professional Company Reno Nevada May 2010

"Nice to have your help again. Sorry my laptop was such a pain. You are wonderful. My laptop is once again good." Mildred from England April 2010

"Thanks Andy. Sorry to challenge you so much on a Windows 7 from Vista upgrade. Yes, I know my laptop was weird." Doug Reno Nevada April 2010

"OMG - you recovered my family pictures and family tree data." Nancy and Joe Stead Nevada April 2010

"Thanks for the quick fix." Steve, Transmission Repair Center Reno Nevada April 2010

"Thank you - You are good! Wow. Do you have office in Las Vegas, we could use you. Thanks for fixing our Reno Server. I googled and found your company." Tom, IT - A national insurance company Reno Nevada March 2010

"Thank you for saving my AOL private folders data and computer mining data." Jim, exploration Reno Nevada April 2010

"You were really good at helping me setup my website with the design, database, and ecommerce." Tim E. Reno Nevada March 2010

"What a sweet computer. Thanks for the system." Michael SC Silver Springs , Nevada March 2010

"Thank you for fixing my computer so fast." Sherry D. Reno Nevada February 2010

"Our business really appreciates your help. You are so much better than the other computer company." Jeanne P. Reno Nevada February 2010

"I appreciated your warranty support of my VA system. It has been working great." David D. Dayton, Nevada January 2010

"Thank you for taking care of my daughters computer. She needed it back fast for her home schooling." Katia S. Sparks, Nevada January 2010

"Thank you for your help on my computer. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" R. Paulis Reno Nevada
December 2009

"Happy Holidays to JoJo and you at Mountain Computers" Bill & Barbara Reno Nevada December 2009

"The computer is working just great & thanks again. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" Larry & Dodie E. Reno Nevada
December 2009

"May your Christmas be filled with joy and happiness that last throughout the new year. By the way, our business is moving." Warm Regards, QM Reno Nevada December 2009

"Thanks for fixing my printer. You saved me so I could get my State of Nevada reports done on time." Toni R. Reno Nevada
November 2009

"You're a lifesaver. I love my new laptop and the tune-up and repairs you did are wonderful. Now I can enjoy my trip." Betty R.
Reno Nevada October 2009

"Thanks for helping us get our network fixed and copier working again after our business moved." Suzanne & Bill - business owners
Reno Nevada October 2009

"Thank you for getting all our printers, copier, network and server up and running again after our business moved." Sherri & Joe - business owners Reno Nevada October 2009

"Thanks for coming out to my house and fixing my list of computer problems. It's been over 2 years since you were here and all is working again." David P. Reno Nevada October 2009

"Thank you for helping us get our 24" security monitor replaced under warranty." Downtown Business Reno Nevada October 2009

"Thanks for fixing my computer - I have no idea what happened. The hard drive just stopped working." Ricky - veteran Reno Nevada October 2009

"Thanks for fixing Ann's computer. It was in desperate need of repair. The new motherboard works great and thanks for saving her data and transferring as many parts as possible."

Ted G.
Stead Nevada
October 2009 "You did a great job. Thanks for the quick fix."

Reno Nevada
September 2009 "Andy, where do those viruses come from? You did great to get it out the last time and now this time too."

Keith - Business Owner
Reno Nevada
September 2009 "Thanks for being so patient with us and our computer problems. We knew we could count on you and Mountain Computers"

Gina M. - Assistant Manager
Sparks Nevada
September 2009 "Thanks again - I hate to click on anything unless I call you first. Darn viruses"

Roger F.
Reno Nevada
September 2009 "Best Buy was very nice to point me to your company. They were backed up 5 days and you were able to fix it same day. What kind of magic do you have? I tried what you did and no luck."

Reno Nevada
August 2009 "My friend who is an IT guy said he could fix my laptop. Sorry, he lost my all my documents. Never again. You have my business forever."

Karla M.
Reno Nevada
August 2009 "Thank you for used laptop. Its works and I don't need much, but for my first laptop it works great!"

Chuck S.
Reno Nevada
August 2009 "Your marketing skills are good. Thank you for the presentation materials for my book."

Jack H.
Reno Nevada
August 2009 "The DIR-615 router will work. I thought I could fix my computer and network. I should think again."

Gordon H.
Golden Valley, Reno Nevada
July 2009 "You were right. the DHCP service on the router took over by mistake on our network and the DHCP on the server did not engage. Thanks. That was fast"

Dom, IT Support
Sparks, Nevada
July 2009 "Thank you for fixing my computer. Mountain Computers is so far from Windy Hill south Reno. Thanks for fixing my computer the same day. I needed it back so bad to do my work."

Kim R.
South Reno, Nevada
July 2009 "Thank you for fixing our wireless network. Just bringing you the router and our laptop was enough like you said. Clearwire was working but for some reason our wireless router flaked out."

Susan DP
Cold Springs, NV
July 2009 "You will always have my business. Thank you!"

Bob. O
Store Manager
Reno, Nevada
July 2009 "No one is touching my computers but Mountain Computers again. I tried the others after you, and I will come back to you and remain here."

Small Business Owner
Reno, Nevada
July 2009 "Andy, thank you once again. I won't click on another pop-up and be faked out. You told me three times and this time I'll remember."

Emmett F.
Reno, NV
June 2009

"So sorry to have to bring back my computer again. My daughter and boyfriend, you know. Thank you for removing the viruses and giving me a discount as a return customer." Susan H. Northwest Reno June 2009

"Thank you for fixing our computer. I had no idea how many viruses were on it. It was so slow."
Amy C. Reno, Nevada June 2009

"Just got back from vacation and the storms in the area knocked out my computer and home entertainment centers. Thanks for replacing the power supply."
Charles K. Caughlin Ranch - Reno Nevada June 2009

"Thank you!! Fantastic Service"
Greg L. Horseshoe Jewelry & Loan Reno, Nevada May 2009

"Thanks for telling me and my grand kids how to be safe on the Internet and our computer." Herbert S. Cold Springs, Nevada May 2009

"Thank you for fixing my computer!! I just successfully printed a document to the printer next door. So exciting!!"
Erin C. Reno Nevada May 2009

"You do great work! Keep serving those Veterans, and thank you for your service"
Gary K. US Veteran Reno, Nevada May 2009

"Thank you Andy fixing my daughters computer and teaching her how to navigate the Internet more safely. The viruses were bad"
Joe R. Reno Nevada April 2009

"Andy, I thought you were going to tell me I needed to buy a new computer, but instead you tuned up my computer so I could use a bit longer without. Anyhow, thank you. I'll use your recommendation to upgrade my computer in a few months."
Chris Reno, Nevada April 2009

"Thanks again for helping us fix AOL and our wireless printer."
Jerry & Sherry Reno, NV April 2009

"OMG - you saved my laptop! At first you said it might be dead and then you found a solution. I'm so happy! Thank you thank you thank you"
Hiroshy, UNR April 2009

"Thank you again for fixing my Itunes and my laptop backup."
Mike H. - local musician Reno, Nevada April 2009

"Thank you again for the referrals" Will
Reno Nevada April 2009

"Thanks for your recent notes, Andy. I appreciate the leads you send our way."
John S. April 2009

"Thank you for building me a nice used computer and coming and setting it up at my apartment" John Reno, NV March 2009

"The computer I bought from you three years ago is good, but I need to increase the RAM. Thank you for returning my call from Oregon in how to check it, and also buy some used RAM locally for the system." Jennifer Eugene, Oregon March 2009

"Thanks for fixing my laptop. I was afraid I lost all my data and had to buy a new one." Rocky March 2009

"Again thank you Andy for fixing my wireless problems on my laptop" Fred L. February 2009

"I will always bring my computers to your store. Never again will I take my computer to another store like some of these others in town that have ripped me off and lost my data and still costed me hundreds." Karen January 2009

"Thank you for repairing my computer. Geek Squad recommended Mountain Computers when they could not resolve the issues." Judy
February 2009

"Dude - you fixed our problems again - thanks a million!" Kyle - Remarc January 2009

"Thank you for fixing my PC. My friends told me to bring my computer to you after Moondog messed it up and lost my pictures. Glad you were able to repair my hard drive and get the right memory in my computer and get it running again." Stephanie January 2009

"The folks at PC Club told me your company was really good. They were right. Thanks for fixing my laptop." John January 2009

"Thank you again for fixing our main server. Also the new computer we bought from you is really fast. Thanks for taking the time to come and follow-up on the printer setup and network." Drew January 2009

"Thank you so much fixing my laptop. The Geek Squad messed it up pretty bad and then still could not get it right." Paul December 2008

"The work you did on my PC was really nice. It was pretty slow, and now it runs much faster." Leslie K. November 2008

"I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your work on my son's computer. He kept trying to figure out the overheating problems and shut down problems and after bringing the computer to you, in less than 1 day your figured out the problem and his computer runs perfectly now, and also so much faster!" Paul W, Reno Nevada October 2008

"After 1.5 years since we had our computer into your store to fix it, like you said, we brought it back for a tune-up after about 1 year, and thank you for going through our computer and making sure all was clean, configured right after so many kids and relatives have played on our computer. You're the best!" Beth M. Reno Nevada October 2008

"Andy: I wanted to provide feedback about our voicemail server. When I plugged it back into the PBX and powered it up our voice mail came right back online. Thank you again for the good service." Tom, IS Coordinator, Quad/Graphics June 2008

"Thank you so much for going above and beyond to help me with my gas station server" Joe, Golden Bear Gas Station / Exxon July 2008

"I love my new computer. Fast, Powerful, and the 80 watt 5.1 surround sound system rocks! " Kellie May 2008

"My new custom built quad core computer is awesome. The custom case that looks like a turbine jet engine is cool. Thank you again and for PC Club referring me to your store. " David, Airline Flight Instructor May 2008

"The Excel training was wonderful." Tracee March 2008

"Thank you so much for quickly getting my website up and running and for helping me take it over and update it." Vicki April 2008

"What a life saver. Thank you" Barbara February 2008

"You're the best." Shaka March 2008

"Thanks for such a great job working on my computers, and for all the extras!!!" Lesley January 2008

"Thank you for all your help with getting my internet connection fixed." Beverly January 2008

"Thank you for coming over and fixing PC and my printer." Louis P. December 2007

"Thank you for figuring out our office network; and fixing our printers on all our PCs." Rose December 2007

"Thank you for fixing my Dad's PC." Evelyn November 2007

"Thanks for getting rid of all the viruses. It also runs so much better after you tuned it up." Lee M. December 2007

"When I saw your commercial, I thought, that can't be Andy - Yet, it sure is. Thank you again for fixing my laptop and it's been a long time."
Gary T. - Winnemucca Nevada November 2007

"It's really nice to work with someone who listens and works so well to support my website design needs." Dave D. November 2007

"Hi Andy. I'd just like to thank you again for making over my computer. It's never run this fast, and it's awesome. So, thanks again!" Andi K. October 2007

"Thank you again. You're so very reliable, reasonable, friendly, and any problems you explain, and you alway welcome me back." Janell K.
October 2007

"Thank you again for taking care of my computers and I love to sneak in, chat and get great advice." Zolt R. September 2007

"Your website development skills are very good and we love how you take care of our growing business needs" Doug and Charley September 2007

"Thank you for the great work and help on my website" Steve H. August 2007

"You're the best in business network and database support" Jim Hill August 2007

"You're very good at what you do." Ken S. August 2007

"I love how you help me. " JC August 2007

"You do a great job and we love your work and will tell all our friends about you." Shawn August 2007

"After going to Geek Squad, and coming to you, I'll be sure to bring all my computer needs to you and tell all my friends." Anonymous August 2007

"I've heard that your service is the best and know I know it is true." Jon A. July 2007

"Your company is very professional and take really good care of my needs." Tom S. July 2007

"Thank you for the excellent training." Faith SC June 2007

"Thank you so much for tuning up my PC" Amy B. July 2007

"I wish to thank Mountain Computers for their good service, good support, and knowledge in how to recover my laptop financial business data when other companies did not want to guarantee or support my recovery needs, and then also to upgrade my laptop from 256MB to 1GB of RAM even when there were challenges and they did it." Gary S. Reno, NV May 2007

"The friendliest computer people I have ever met" J. Crowe, US ARNG Reno, NV May 2007

"I thought my laptop was not going to make it. Little to my surprise you saved it and all my work and photos. So very thank you." Ryu, UNR International Student April 2007

" My computer has been working good since you fixed it. Thank you very much for helping us. Have a nice weekend and Best wishes for your continued good health, happiness, and success!" Jason and Fuyuko Ito M. April 2007

"Our hats off to Andy & JoJo Flagg at Mountain Computers, Inc. Their attention to detail and thoughtful input was instrumental in producing a superior website focused on informing a world-wide audience of our mission to treat people who are infected with malaria. It was indeed a miracle that they were able to save a poorly executed prior website and give it life. Thank you for a job well done." James L. Christiansen, President The Malaria Solution Foundation ...>> read more March 2007

"Andy; It is so good to be treated as a professional instead of the patronizing manner that is so obvious at some of the 'chain' oganizations. And then to have real knowledgable service - how much better can it get and still be affordable?" Jack R Cold Springs January, February, March 2007

"Thank you for your excellent service."
Clayne M. January 2007

"Thank you Mountain Computers for such wonderful and easy to afford and easy to understand service and support."
Juan C. February 2007

"Mountain Computers was very helpful with repair and improvement of our computer. We were most pleased with your extra effort to resolve our computer problems, both in-store and at home. We will definitely call you again if we have any future computer issues."
Jeanne and Tom, Reno Nevada" January 2007

"Responsive, professional, and very excellent service!"
Peter T., Reno Nevada January 2007

"Andy rescued me from another year of hair-tearing! Not only did he provide quick, efficient service, but his can-do attitude and friendly demeanor put me instantly at ease. I have no worries about website improvements, computer problems, or marketing ideas. Andy can do it all. Thank you, Andy!"
Paula N. For Kids Foundation" October, 2006

"You are the best! Thank you!"
Josue M. Wells Fargo December 2006

"My experience with Mountain Computers has been amazing. Andy & JoJo Flagg not only resolved the problems with my computer, but took the time to explain how the age of my computer worked best with older versions of software. My computer functions quicker and is now reliable. Mountain Computers went out of their way to help me establish wireless in my home and when I had problems at home, they were a phone call away and talked me through a service problem I had. Andy was able to resolve my problem over the phone in 5 minutes. The service and expertise at Mountain Computers is remarkable, friendly, supportive, and highly recommended." T. Justis Reno Nevada October 2006

"Little did I realize when I received a coupon from Mountain Computers that I would find such reputable, reliable service. Both JoJo and Andy were efficient, pleasant, and knowledgeable. I was amazed at the speed of service and feel confident that they have the skills to address any of my computer needs."
Ann B., PhD, University of Nevada Cold Springs / Reno Nevada October 2006

"I know one thing about computers: you're the best there is Andy!!! Thanks so much!"
Robin F. - Sparks, Nevada September 2006

"Mountain Computers is awesome. Walked in with 20 problems with my computer and walked out 2 hours later with everything solved."
Jose R. - Cold Springs / Reno Nevada October 2006

"Thanks for being so fast, the last place we took our computer in Reno it took over a week."
C. Pettis - Reno Nevada July 2006

"I have been in business for almost 10 years and Andy Flagg and Mountain Computers are the best IT people I have seen!"
Rich Brown, C.E.O The-OnRamp.Net Winnemucca Nevada" August 2006

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"Thank you Andy for upgrading my Dell Server operating system on such short notice and in record time in order for me to install and my company leverage Sage Peachtree 2024.", Cammie, Business Owner, Sparks Nevada, January 2024

"Thank you Andy for saving us again, fixing our front office system that crashed, and in record time.", Manny, Reno, Nevada, July 2023

"I really appreciate you helping me get my website transferred when it was broken.", Lindsay, Solutions Counseling Center Owner, Sparks, Nevada, July 2023

"Thanks for fixing our Ricoh MP C3504ex scan to email problem. Office1 and Charter tried for 3 days without any luck. Glad you figured it out in a few hours and fixed it and documented the solution for us.", Megan, Office Manager, Sparks, Nevada, May 2023

"Thank you for migrating our email to the cloud. A month of planning and a long weekend to make the move. Perfectly done!", Dr X, Reno Nevada, April 2023

"Thank you, Andy! You are the best. Everything runs perfectly without any hiccups because of your skill and technique to design things that last. Talk to you soon dude!!!", Drew, Operations Manager Sparks/NV, Portland/OR, February 2023

"Thanks for fixing our crashed server. Had no idea the RAID array was failing and almost died on us.", John, Sparks Nevada, February 2023

"Glad to have you back onboard. We have so many things the other support company could not fix over the last 10 months.", Kathy, City of Reno business owner, February 2023

"Thanks Andy for the assist on reviewing our server status, and fixing our file/folder scanning tools. Nice to meet you!", Jim, N. Nevada non-profit, February 2023

"OMG. Yes, we love you and would love your support again!", Meghan, Office Manager, Sparks, NV, February 2023

"Glad you are back. We will come back to you and your company today!", S.B., Owner, Reno NV, February 2023

"Sorry your City gig did not work out. Your work is always outstanding and welcome back. Come by anytime. Your dedication for the last 10 years was exceptional to our company!" Lucas, General Manager, Reno NV, February 2023

"Anytime you need work, we have it for you." Dennis, VP & General Manager, Reno NV, February 2023

"Glad you are back in business! You're the best. We missed you." Shauna, Business Owner, Reno NV, February 2023

Now you know, Andy had a 10 month hiatus (May 2022 through February 2023) working with a local city government agency. It was a great invitiation and organization and while there were a few bumps in the journey, it all came down to one thing (an offline conversation only). It's okay. Apparently, it was an issue before I arrived. I might go back when things change for the better! It was a great opportunity and I love the vision, mission and people.
COVID-19 was brutal to our company and team. From mid-2017 through end of 2020, we knew something was up. The globalization factor was changing for the worse. Andy could sense it and was trying to do everything to stabilize and continue operations. By 2018, operations were limited to business only, and by 2019 through 2020 it was more limited due to supply chain issues and inflation in electronics due to crypto-mining saga that started in 2016. Alas, there was hope yet it did not come by the end of 2020. Between January 2021 through November 2021 the company was silently figuring out the next steps. November 2021, we decided to consider external options, and come May 2022 the option to serve a great cause occurred. Between May 2022 through February 2023 an opportunity was explored. While all things were considered, it was a great opportunity and appreciated. In the end, one minor yet critical change needed to occur to continue yet even with many options on the table there was no way out except to resign. To that end, return to great success and ways to win and help clients, customers, vendors and more - continue being resourceful, creative and allowed to take initiative with full autonomy.

"Thank you so much for saving our website and getting our business back online" Monty of GTR, Reno NV, January 2021

"Can't tell you enough that you saved our data and got us back up and running" Maggie, Reno NV, December 2020

"Thanks for helping us move with no downtime" Darrin, Downtown Reno to South Meadows, November 2020

"You're not the cheapest yet your are the best. Three other IT companies could not fix our problem. You did! Thank goodness we finally found you. Word of mouth is great! Your reptuation is awesome from what I found out. Thank you again." Jim, HVAC Reno, July 2020

"Love my new engineering system! You saved me about $5k just in your build to order versus Dell and HP", Rusty, Lake Tahoe, May 2020

"Wow, can't thank you enough. I like the computer you built for me. Super fast!", Dr. L, Sparks NV, January 2020

"Thank you for fixing my network. The other IT company screwed it up badly. Glad you put it back together quickly.", Darryl, Reno NV, July 2019

"Wow, can't thank you enough. I like the computer you built for me. Super fast!", Dr. L, Sparks NV, January 2020

"No one would build my dream computer. You did. $10k in parts at nearly cost was well spent on a new system", Wes C., Truckee CA, June 2019

"Appreciate the help with my website!" Steve, Eldorado Hills CA - Accredited EMS Fire Training, May 2018

Dude. You rock. Thanks for all the help with my system. Tucker. Lake Tahoe April 2018

"Can't thank you enough for helping getting our servers and active directory fixed." Bill, Sparks Nevada - April 2018

"Thank you. Thank you. You fixed my PC. Windows 10 got messed up and you had to reload it. Sad, but true. It's all working again. Thank you for saving my pictures and letters, and email. " Georganna, South Reno - April 2018

"Once again you saved the day Andy. Love the Chrome book that you fixed for me." Bernie, NW Reno - April 2018

"FAST! FAST! FAST! that all I can say about my new engineering system. thank you." Don. Sparks NV - April 2018

"Thanks a bazillion for hooking me up with a civil engineering system." Dawn NW Reno NV - March 2018

"Thanks Andy for fixing my QuickBooks and the Jewelry software. Almost lost it all." Michelle Carson City - March 2018

Thanks for fixing my laptop SSD clone problem. Funny. I have used Acronis alot and this is the first time it seemed to fail. Thank you for reloading and restoring my system and making it work without 100% CPU and 100% Disk usage. Rudi, Galena Creek February 2018

"The new AUTOCAD systems is great!! Never seen Rivet run so fast." NW Reno NV - March 2018

Wow Andy. Upgrading my 3 laptops with SSDs made a huge difference!! Tony, Northwest Reno February 2018

"Love your GoGreen PC TuneUp™ tool. It's about time!!" Jim - Caughlin Ranch January 2018...

Installing an SSD on my flight simulator system made my system amazing. Thanks Andy! Lee, Arrow Creek January 2018

Andy built me a great gaming rig, i7 8700, 16GB DDR4 2400, 500GB SSD, Carbon Board, Intel water cooled.. top of the line video.. cool case...Nice!! - Tim. Reno, NV January 2018

Thank you for recovering our accounting server - Bill. Reno, NV January 2018

Our first civil engineering system was so great, we ordered a 2nd one. Bryan. Reno, NV December 2018

Great response time & service & pricing. Pam, BT Fab December 2017

You went way above to figure out my laptop problems. Other stores could not figure it out. Thank you! Vicki, Sparks, NV October 2018

Thank you for recovering my business email. Steve Reno, NV September 2018

The civil engineering system they built for us is awesome! we were quoted $6-8k by another computer company (local big name company) and they achieved the same for $3k. Daryn; Civil Manufacturing Firm. Reno Nevada August 2017

I love my new computer! It's fast! - Kathy C. Sparks, NV June 14 2017

My Dear. It was a pleasure to work with you on our website. It took us a year but it was well worth it. - Ronna V. Reno, NV June 7 2017

That was awesome - you fixed our website when the guys at could not - Steve B., Eldorado Hills CA June 2 2017

Thanks! You Rock! - Heidi F., Winnemucca Nevada May 5 2017

"Andy is simply the best! we are on page #1 for two of our business websites [for over 2 years now]"
Tim S. Owner, Nevada Building Services Reno, NV | May 3, 2017
note: It took Andy and Tim ~6 months to fix 5-10 years of incomplete SEO by at&t and maintstreet

"Whatever was going on with our network - you fixed it. Thanks so much! Bill me." - Bob & Scott. Sparks, NV April 14, 2017

"I remember you on the television years ago. Figured you could fix it - Thanks again." Glenn, Sparks, NV April 2017

"Andy you are so precious. I love my website and you went above and beyond - Blessings. Ronna" Reno, NV April 2017

"Julie is great. Thank you so much." Char C. March 31, 2017.

"Yep. that worked. you were right. thanks for fixing my windows 10 updates!" - Laurie W. March 2017

"Thank you thank you thank you. Andy, you have gone way above and beyond on our website." Ronna V. March 2017

"Thanks again for saving my laptop." Lee & Kathy March 2017

"I love this remote support thing you offer." Larry B.- March 2017

"No charge? really? You helped me get Dell to fix it. I can't thank you enough" Kalyan C.Y. Feb 2017

as a good company regarding Kaylan's thank you note here is what can happen: an OEM Top 10 computer vendor technical support from time to time will not honor a warranty given their initial review of a customer's computer hardware failure report. That is where we (mountain computers inc) offers a second opinion to help the customer with the vendor resolve any misunderstandings and oversights and undersights on either party and help resolve their computer hardware warranty needs. We have done that for years and on average the hardware OEM provides the warranty free of charge. The end result is that our customer gets their problem resolved and the manufacturer gets the opportunity to improve their showcase first class warranty support and provide to the customer a good resolution. In return a happy customer with satisifaction and overall long term retention. We have been able to resolve about 15-20 of these such cases over the last 10 years. it's hit or miss yet rewarding to help a customer get their PC repaired correctly and for free under OEM warranty support like they should. - Andy

"Appreciate it. My plotter just stopped working. Thanks again for fixing." - Michael B. Feb 2017

"This darn PC. Why can't you make it behave! Thanks for fixing it again." - Lindsay Feb 2017

"You know we can't live without you." Lorie M. -February 2017

"yes, I am now getting leads from my website. thanks for fixing my website and keeping me on page #1." Tim, Washoe Valley, February 2017

"Julie and you are the best. I would not go anywhere else." John K. January 2017

"You know, I can't live without this thing. Thanks for fixing it so fast." John - January 2017

"Why does quickbooks keeping doing that? thanks for fixing it once again." Mel, Ty - January 2017

"What would we do without you. Thanks for getting our network back online." Ellen, December 2017

"great recommendation on a new laptop. thanks for transferring things so fast." Larry December 2016

"I like my new computer. It's fast. Thanks for building it." Glen, Reno Nevada December 2016

"The other company had no clue what to do with our PCs and netowrk. thanks for fixing things so fast." - Raynette, Reno Nevada December 2016

"Did not know you did Mac support. Thank you for fixing our printing issues between our PCs and Macs at the office." Sherry & Joe, Reno Nevada - December 2016

"Thank you for helping us get to #1 on our website SEO stats. It keeps going up and down. It seems to always keep moving. appreciate the explanation as to why." - Joe, Arkansas - November 2016

"Andy at Mountain Computers was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about my data problem. I have a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex external hard drive that quit working. I thought I was protecting my data, but it turns out that this device has issues. When I walked into Mountain Computers there was no waiting. Andy was able to look at it right away and when he realized it was a mechanical issue he took it to a colleague for further investigation. I will happily continue to do business with Andy at Mountain Computers because he went the extra mile to help me recover my data. THAT'S Customer Service. Thank you Andy!" - Teri M. Reno, NV - 11/23/2016 (Yelp)

"It's been nearly 3 years and you are still here. Glad we came back to get help." Gary & Terry - Winnemucca, NV October 2016

"Thank you for taking care of our backups and repair our NAS. I was worried." Diane. QM October 5, 2016

October 2016 -- thank you for the many years of service, since 2008 we have loved your services. we are changing gears and moving on!! -- Miss Jenny - Jennys Studio of Dance.

"You rock! thanks for the support at our national event!" - Heidi, October 2016

"You are the best. Thanks for fixing our wireless network and making sure our backups were in place." -- Diane, September 2016

"We highly recommend Mountain Computers. Andy and Julie have been keeping our computers going for years. They are always fast and efficient. We have specific business needs that they are always conscious of and have never hesitated to accommodate. Their pricing is reasonable but the service is superior. Our most recent computer issue was very challenging because the advertising and the manufacturer's tech support kept claiming it supported 3 monitors. It turned out to be a false claim but they never gave up and worked on it diligently for months to resolve it. Ultimately they ended up building us a new computer to accommodate our specific requirements and it's fantastic. They really know their stuff and you won't go wrong trusting Mountain Computers with your business or your personal computer needs!" - Stephanie C. Reno, NV 8/3/2016 (YELP)

"Great service, great attitude, and a genuinely nice guy! Andy, the owner, came out to quote me on some network stuff. He ended up fixing some issues, and identifying some others that we can fix ourselves. All-in-all we were expecting to spend thousands of dollars, and ended up spending next to nothing and achieving our goals. I would Highly recommend Andy and Mountain Computers." Alex D. Carson City, NV 6/22/2016 YELP

May 15, 2016 -- Invoice #10,000 goes to Sparks United Methodist Church. 10,000 invoices in 10 years as predicted!! - congrats to Sparks UMC. Nancy at the head office wants to know what did they win?"

"Last time I was in your store was 2013. You're still here. That's great!" Ron H. South Reno, Feb. 2016

"Knowledgeable - trustworthy - this is the place to take all your computers and tablets. I got a new tablet and Andy took everything off the old tablet and transferred everything to the new one. When I got a new computer, Andy transferred everything from old to new. Very reasonable priced - estimates will surprise you, you'll walk out very satisfied." VI T. Reno NV 2/26/2016 (YELP)

"Andy installed at Team Viewer remote access program to my computer so I could just call them and they could help me if I had a problem.

I was surfing the internet and I suddenly get this blue alert screen saying a have a potentially harmful infection. I called Andy, clicked on my Team Viewer icon and in 10 minutes he had everything squared away and checked for any other problems.

Julie and Andy are great and now they've made it so I don't have to unplug my tower to take it in to see them. They can fix everything from the warmth of my own home office!" - Sherri M. Verdi, NV 2/18/2016 (YELP)

"First off, I don't know why these guys are on the second page. They are knowledgeable and really personable. I'm computer-illiterate so I haven't reviewed them till now, but I've taken my computer there 3 times. Andy and Julie were patient with me, fixed everything perfectly, and didn't charge me even close to what I thought they would. I called around before I went there years ago and the messages I got were disappointing and scary from other computer places. The price for fixing my messed up computer was so great I want everyone to know. They never acted like they were in too big a hurry to talk to me. They let me rant and rave. Great place to go. Great price. Thanks for everything!" - Anonymous 1/20/2016 - YELP

"Friendly and great service, they knew exactly what was wrong with my computer as soon as I walked in and gave me a concise diagnosis. Highly recommended for any computer issues, they know their stuff." Stephen W., Reno NV 2/10/2016

"Love the new laptop for college. Thank you Mountain Computers and the VA!" - Maria R. Jan 2016

"The new laptop for college works great! I really appreciate the VA and your help getting me what I need for college." Jackson J., Jan 2016

"Thank you Andy! You rock. Your expertise on servers and networks is amazing!" Amber W. Jan 2016

"Julie, you saved the day again! Thank you" - Angela M. Dec. 2016

"I love my new computer. Thank you Julie!!" - Richard M. Reno, NV Dec 2016

"The new workstations and server you built for our construction company are great! Thanks!" Diane. Dec. 2015

"Our company appreciates your quick response to our server outage. Plus, you fixed our medical scanning configuration in 15 minutes that the other IT company had struggled with for months." Athena Gyn. Dec. 2015

"I never take my computers to anyone else. I only trust you!" - Diane B. Nov. 2015

"I don't know what I clicked but thank you again for fixing my computer so quickly. You guys are the best." - John K. Washoe County Nov. 2015

"You are great people to know and your good work is very much appreciated. My internet service is top notch thanks to you!" -- D. Ripley Nov. 2015

"Some of my UNR friends said you were miracle workers and geniuses in what you do with computing. When I brought my laptop, you proved them correctly. Thanks." - Ryan, UNR - October 2015

"Mountain Computers is my go-to place for computer maintenance. Andy Flagg and Julie (who can magically fix a silly mistake on my part) have maintained my various computers for the past 6 years or so. They have consistently provided expeditious, skilled, professional, and friendly responses to my periodic computer challenges. They are knowledgeable, HIGHLY skilled, tolerant of my lapses in computer handling, and have invariably met and bested the computer difficulties I have presented them. I have recommended Mountain Computers to friends and business associates, and continue to patronize MC as the pre-eminent computer service / maintenance establishment in the Reno / Sparks area." Tony C. Reno, NV 10/23/2015 YELP

"Look no further for computer repair. THEY ARE IT! You will not go wrong. I must say I was a tad worried when my husband lost all his data files. I thought I would be working with under 20 kids (not that they are bad they just don't communicate what they are doing). Andy and Julie did a great job talking me through some things and trying to recover the lost data. It takes a lot to impress me but THEY DID IT. THANK YOU I will always take computers to them and recommend them to my friends. What a find." Sharon S. Reno, NV 9/10/2015 YELP

"Just wanted to say Thank You, for the great job and keeping me informed as the work progressed. Computer is working great." Lee R. - Reno Nevada August 2015

"Thank you Andy & Julie. You are always good to me and my family regarding our computers. It was nice you fixed our Mac Powerbook." - Ron, NW Reno Nevada July 2015

"Thank you for the help twice on our network repair and reconfiguration." - Aaron, IT Administrator based in Las Vegas, Sparks E-commerce Distribution company July 2015

"Thanks a bunch for replacing my laptop keyboard. You two are excellent." Don, Reno NV July 2015

"You saved us! Thank you for getting our store back online to process end of month A/R" - Lori, Local Reno PayDay Loan company - July 2015

"My mom sends her thanks for saving her computer and getting her back on Pogo." - Larry C. Reno Nevada June 2015

"The laptop computer, printer and software the VA approved and Mountain sourced for me to get my degree and do online classes is excellent." Gerald W. US Veteran, Reno Nevada June 2015

"Thanks for getting our POS fixed on a Sunday." Navneet, Reno Nevada June 2015

"I've taken my computer here twice. They do good work, quick work, AND at very fair prices. I think everywhere else, especially that nerd squad, is WAY more expensive. " Chap P. Reno NV 9/11/2014 YELP

"We took our laptop in for a virus. Excellent service! Friendly, professional and quick! We would recommend Mountain Computers absolutely!" Sam C. Reno NV 7/17/2014 YELP

"It is so good to have you back. Thank you so much for taking good care of our needs while you were away." - Jenny, Feb 2014.

"Came there to have my laptop cleaned up and system rebooted. Two days later OS was reloaded HOWEVER, they forgot to clean it up. Returned later that day and my keyboard wasn't working properly and my keyboard was STILL sticky. They said they would replace the keyboard but three days later they said it was ok and didn't needed to be replaced. I finally got my laptop back after a week. SOME OF MY KEYBOARD BUTTON IS STILL STICKY. They were friendly and polite but I needed my keyboard cleaned." Roger N. Reno, NV 5/10/2013 YELP

"If you fix my computer you are my lifelong computer service provider." Response: Yep, we did.
February 2013

Company Note: From November 2012 to January 2014 we have had so many compliments and new customers, satisfied and happy and back to their life with a healthy computer. the count is over 500 and though we want to honor those who have said they love our company, service, and honesty, fair pricing, etc - the team at Mountain Computers can only reply - "that is what we do"

"Dear Andy and Julie, I just want to thank you both for the excellent service at Mountain Computers. You repaired my laptop when the hinges broke. It is refreshing to find a business that is both honest and fairly priced. I will definitely be back in the future if I have any computer problems." Sincerely, M. Kimball, November 29, 2012.

"Thank you for rescuing my 350GB of research data. The folks in Winnemucca near the BLM office said you were the one who could possibly recover my data. You team recovered and restored my research data. Thank you!" - PhD student and BLM research associate, October 2012

"I forgot to thank you - you saved our company data."
Business IT contact, Sparks Nevada October 2012

"Mountain Computers is the best! I will not take my computers to anyone else!"
Ralph, Sparks, Nevada September 2012

"Thank you for taking over my website after 12 years. It is good to be back up and running and in safe hands." - Ken, Winnemucca Nevada September 2012

"Thank you for switching over our network from AT&T to Integra in record time. 10 minutes outage and voila, we were up and running."
Stephen, Reno Nevada September 2012

"Andy and Julie are the greatest at friendliness and responsive customer service. I have had to bring in computers that were hit by really nasty viruses three times this year. Their service is fast, thorough, and very reasonably priced. You have to climb stairs to access the business, which I cannot do because of arthritis in my knees. One of them always came out to the car to pick up the computer or to bring it down, usually watching for my arrival from the window. Both have come to my home to help me when I had difficulty reconnecting my laptop to the Internet. Mountain Computers is my go-to place for fast, friendly, and excellent computer repair." Madelyn C. Reno, NV 8/24/2014 YELP

"You saved the day again - saved all my server data and restored my server and network in record time. Thank you so much."
Libby, Business Owner August 2012

"I am so glad we switched our business IT needs to your company. The other company here in Reno was such a joke. We love to see your smiling face and by the way, you fix a dozen of our problems in one fell swoop. That's why we like you and Mountain Computers Inc. ps. you explain things in easy to understand terms and metaphors. Very refreshing."
Bill, Reno Nevada July 2012

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The laptop you recommended has been great. The display harness for some reason went out, and within 1 day, you got it fixed under warranty. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Julie is great, and Andy, thank you for being so patient."
Maryann, July 2012

"Thank you Andy for a really nice laptop. Thank you for throwing in the 3 year warranty and covering the costs. I will give you my old laptop in exchange for the savings and extra cost."
Katie. Reno, Nevada July 2012

"You guys are great! My mom loves the improvements you made on her computer."
Robin, Reno Nevada July 2012

"No good computer store is open on Sunday, and very quietly you guys are open. Now that is nice. I realize you work all the time. Thank you for helping me on a Sunday. I am glad I called and you fixed one of my two laptops on the spot."
Aaron, Reno Nevada July 2012

From Mountain Computers Inc - ps. don't tell anyone yet. we are working on the details.

"Mountain Computers - you are the best. I can't wait to visit your new store. Julie is great. I thought you, Andy were the only one doing the work, but your protege Julie knows more than 70% of the
answers, and almost like you - she is really good."
Jan. Sparks, Nevada July 2012

"When it came to taking charge and getting my data recovered, your team knew what to do. My 7 months of business data was all but lost but between Mountain Computers and your access to Great Basin Data Recovery, you got my data back. I am so thankful." Linda M. June 2012

"My neighbor referred me to your company because she has had such great success with you for the past 4 years. I agree. Loved the help to get my computer tuned-up, all brought up to speed."
Barbara, Reno Nevada May 2012

"Thanks for swinging by our business and fixing our systems so fast. The other IT company has been AWOL for 3 months, and we finally decided to look for someone new, and we found your website and decided to give you a chance. Thank you for fixing our network, wireless, routers, and printers in just under 2 hours. That was efficient and well worth the money."
Greg, Reno Nevada, May 2012

"Thank you for helping us upgrade our Internet to Integra. I did not know we had so many problems with our internal network. By the way, thank you for saving our data and getting our backups working and setup."
Cammie, Sparks Nevada May 2012

"I saw your commercial on Channel 4 the other morning. I liked the ad so I figured I would give you a shot. Thank you for the service. Replaced my bad power supply and upgraded my hard drive and ram. Very affordable and just in 2 days. Thank you"
Tim, Reno Nevada April 2012

"Mountain Computers is the best in Reno to fix computers. Geek Squad said $300 to repair my laptop and it was very complicated. Mountain Computers looked at my laptop and determined the problem and fixed it in about 30 minutes for about $60. I will never take my computers to Geek Squad again."
Sheryl, Reno Nevada April 2012

"Thanks for standing up for us on Craigslist. You guys are cool."
RenoComputerFix Owners, April 2012

[Internal note:] A craigslist technology spammer / hater posted some derogatory notes to myself and the owners of RenoComputerFix. The owners of RenoComputerFix came to our store and gave us a thanks and wished to learn more about our company. We explained the layout of the region and who is good at what, there are about 5 of us in the region that know what we are doing at a retail level. Even though RenoComputerFix and Mountain Computers are direct competitors, we have a different set of services, experience, and direction. The public at large will not know this until you meet both companies. Mountain Computers enjoys competition and loves to help out and be good neighbors - competition is good. Let the customers decide for themselves. - Owner of Mountain Computers Inc.

"The computer you built for me is awesome! Thank you!"
Fred H. Reno Nevada February 2012

"You guys rock!"
R.J. Northwest Reno Nevada February 2012

"Thank you for fixing our church chapel AV computer. Very frustrating to have it not work correctly, and you fixed it fast enough to meet our chapel and Sunday service deadline."
Nancy, Sparks Nevada February 2012

"It is very nice to have a trusted computer company serve our business. The last company would bill us even for what we believed was warranty work and their own team members would not communicate with each other and have to redo everything from the start. What a cluster. You discovered our problems, network, server, and re-did the work and job in 1 hour, maybe less, and fixed the real problems. Never again will I go back to that long time company here in Reno."
A Frustrated Reno Construction Company

"Andy, Nice newsletters. I've never checked them out before…lots of great info. Thanks," Mary, Local Business Accountant/Bookkeeper, January 2012

"It has been 4 years since I was first at your store, and my computer has been running perfectly. I felt like I needed a tune-up. Thanks for cleaning it out, bringing it up to speed and all the necessary patches, anti-virus updates and cleaning out the fan. I am a vet and you are the only one I trust." - Dennie, Reno Nevada January 2012