Mountain Computers Inc.

It's official 02/04/2023. Mountain Computers Inc. is back open for business. COVID-19 was brutal. From November 2021 up until May 23, 2022 through February 4, 2023, the owner 'Andy' considered alternate options of either re-opening the business and bringing the team back together or not. Andy recognizes the needs of many and successful service and support. Thank you everyone for your desire to need us while the store was closed; the kindness & words of affirmation in 15+ years of success, honor and trust is note worthy. Providing clients and customers small and large nearly 35+ years of service. In the midst of this change, the recommendation to another service provider was successful. We would never leave clients hanging on needs for suppport. Stay Connected with Andy - Our GoGreen PC Tune-Up software is still available online for download, trial usage and purchase. Click here! Stay Connected & Subscribe - Thank you again. Blessings!

Our vision and mission is PC design; PC support, repair and upgrades; PC performance, stability, and usability. Plus, we excel at business information systems and integration, servers, networks routers firewalls, applications databases, security, vpns, email, websites, isp ops mgmt, data center ops mgmt, dns, dhcp, ldap, backups, data recovery, linux windows mac, app and database development - pretty much anything and everything in the entire TCP/OSI stack. One cannot be wrong with 25k+ clients, 150K+ computing applications, systems, networks, servers. The GoGreen PC Tune-Up™ we use daily. Our Client List. For news, tips Subscribe. © 2006-2023 Mountain Computers Inc ARR

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