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Pogo and FF 60 x64

Published: Wednesday, May 16, 2018 written by Drew Jackson
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Keywords: PC Usability Mozilla Firefox

Pogo and FF 60 x64

May 16, 2018


So the hour is late and so many elderly customers call and ask, why is my Pogo not working.


Well, in the last few months, the Firefox team has been working to release the 64 bit version of Mozilla Firefox for the benefits of security and performance.


Unfortunately, Java 32 applets won't work anymore, and POGO the gaming portal took another hit.


Too many 32 bit Firefox customers went to 64 bit automatically, and POGO stopped working because the 32 bit Java plug-in applet won't load.


To my avail, even backing the customers back to 32 bit Firefox and all the way back to v52 SRE it still won't load.


I told my clients, time to either reload your computer because IE 11 was corrupted beyond repair and FF and Chrome won't support your needs for POGO.


More to Come....

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