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Firefox 59 60 blank menu title bar

Published: Wednesday, May 9, 2018 written by Drew Jackson
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Keywords: Technology PC Usability Mozilla Firefox

Firefox 59 60 blank menu title bar

May 9, 2018


Today was a strange day, the Firefox update hung and my home page came up but my menu and title bar was blank. So I thought it was an add-on like AdBlock or Privacy Badger, but no. It was not add-ons, it was something else weird.


After Troubleshooting | Refresh Firefox a few times, manual install latest version, the menu bar and title bar were still white and blank, I thought, hmmmmm... Full Screen versus Normal Screen.. Press F11 and voila, my menu and title bar appeared and toggling F11 the issue appeared and disappeared, so I leave it at that.


Press F11 just to see if that works.


More to come....

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