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Reporting security holes and available breach points appropriately in public systems

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, September 20, 2020
View Count: 522, Keywords: Reporting Breach points, Public Systems, Appropriate response, Hashtags: #ReportingBreachpoints #PublicSystems #Appropriateresponse

In the past few years, I have witnessed breach points in public systems and tried to approriate report them and had some limited success.
1. Learjet, reporting online security hole and they accepted my confidential communication and report and fixed it.
2. Silver Legacy Casino, reported Adobe Flash hole in player tracking console (three times) and they finally fixed it.
3. City of Reno POS terminal at City Licensing, reported malware entry point potential and evidence to show possible existence in keypad entry, buggy behavior. They said it will be fixed.
Ps. There is more yet these are the most recent. Report appropriately, report responsibly. Sometimes there are bug bounties and sometimes they just say thank you.
more to come...

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