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Calendar Reminders for Technology Services (revisited)

by Andy Flagg, Publication Date: Tuesday, October 13, 2020
View Count: 125, Keywords: IT Services, Calendar, Reminders, Renewals, SSL Certificates, Domain Renewals, Hashtags: #ITServices #Calendar #Reminders #Renewals #SSLCertificates #DomainRenewals

What are some of the technology subscription reminders one needs to remember? I have seen large domains go temporarily down or unavailable or limited services due to reminders missed to renew technology services.
* SSL certificates for websites need to be on your calendar to remind you when they expire.
* Domain registration... the same as above.
* Email services
* DNS services
* Firewall services
* Hosting renewals ... 
* ISP networking contract renewals and when to start shopping around for better pricing
* VOIP Phone services ...
and other technology services that need to be reconsidered annually.
more to come...

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