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Windows System Settings, old school view versus new mobile view

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, October 26, 2020
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Over the last few years, Microsoft has made things more difficult to manage system settings by moving around the configuration and hard to reach and find places.
For me, the standard keystroke Windows Logo + Pause Break key has worked for 30+ years. This was great for many things except the OS version and build number not being included. For some who do not know the keyboard shortcut, just go through 3 to 4 clicks in the menu dialog process and voila, its finally in your view. That is too many keystrokes.
Remember, Microsoft, making it easier was one of your mottos and visions. This is not easier.
So, stop playing with your food and acting like a child again, and be the adult and put things where they belong. Imagine driving a car, and your car is a computer; what is on the dashboard? Remember, if its like a refrigerator, just inside the door is the manufacturer sticker with all the important information, and like a Car, the VIN label is just inside the driver side door. Do not re-invent the wheel and be stupid about where to place all the vital information in one common spot.
Thank you and hope you stop playing with Windows and leave things alone. Remember, most users and administrators was usability, functionality, stability, performance, and overall ease of use. Did you forget that back in 2000 when you BillG exited the company stage left and never looked back. Apparently the developers lost their way too and never came back.
Keep the system settings and everything just one click away with everything I need to know, and stop putting all the important details on 2-3 different windows and 3-4 clicks away.
1 click, 1 keystroke, voila, there you have it. All your Windows information.
REF:  https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-10-now-hides-the-system-control-panel-how-to-access-it/
more to come...

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