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Windows 10 search datemodifed time datetime not working - why - why not

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, January 31, 2021
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Okay, so here I am trying to search and find pictures between 2001 and 2002 when I relocated from Winnemucca to Reno. I could not easily bring up the advanced search options. OMG. Microsoft reports another bug in windows advanced search. Why am I not surprised. So I go for the command prompt search find dir options and nada. Another Microsoft frickin bug on something so simple. It's like Windows system restore points, they just keep screwing that up too.
I have 6TB of archived data and could not find a way to search the 6TB with a date range on Windows 10 explorer because their magnifying glass does not work, and they admit it.
so, just have to manually do the search option feature and go for it. here is the screenshot:
that's what it looks like.
datemodified:mm/dd/yyyy.. mm/dd/yyyy
Search options should see all. We need advanced search options for the future.
Here are two examples of the manual search string box text content:
*.jpg datemodified:10/22/1997.. 05/01/1998 
*.jpg datemodified:06/01/1973.. 05/01/1978
Note: yes the search service is running, and the windows 10 troubleshooting automation tools failed to diagnose and fix it too. so, it must be a bug and by design. sfc and DISM repair health methods also were applied without luck.
more to come...

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