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AMD 2 core, 4 core versus 8 core PC systems and Customer Satisfaction

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, February 14, 2021
View Count: 379, Keywords: GGPCTU, 8 core, 4 core, Performance, Customer Satisfaction, 1050Ti, Hashtags: #GGPCTU #8core #4core #Performance #CustomerSatisfaction #1050Ti

Happy Valentines to some and others Happy President's Day Weekend.
A client of mine for the last few years, almost 10 years now, needed an upgrade from a dual core system, low powered 2.2 Ghz with 4GB DDR2 800 RAM, SVGA on board, and 750GB Seagate Platter Drive... and I was like... well, after years of telling them its a slow system yet they don't do much, email, excel, yet.. lately more video streaming and they are located off the grid where they used to have a cell phone add-on hot spot for 2MB/512KB up/down.
With that being said, I said, if I upgrade your system, I'm going to have to send you a bill, and for years I was rather lean with them because they are business owners and just as frugal as me. The caveat, you get what you pay for. Low drag. Low overhead. Average return. That take away, is price versus performance.
So, I said, bring me your system and your monitor, they got a new nice 27" curve 100hz HDMI/DP monitor and their old black pc box system and a vga cable.
do i go with a quad core or octo core migration? let's just do the octo core and call it good. let's go from 4gb instead to 8gb to 16gb and get him into a new v12 instead of v8 type of system from a 4 cylinder car type of pinto system.
The quick result in less than 2 hours: removed motherboard, removed power supply 350W sparkle, mobo plate, hard drive, cleaned case, left optical drive in place, and inserted a gigabyte 400w psu, gigabyte 970 atx board, FX-8350 cpu w/wraith cooler, 16gb g.skill ddr3 1600 (2x8), all the while cloned drive to a 500GB WD Blue SSD, and onboard vga to gigabyte 4gb 1050ti GPU. re-actived windows 10 home 64, and re-activated office 2019 pro plus (64). done.
the result was 2 core to 8 core, 4gb to 16gb, platter to ssd, and mobo chipset upgrade.
night and day result and comparison.
another happy customer.
more to come...

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