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Migrating email account to different systems - IMAP, Exchange, POP3

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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In the past few months, moving email accounts and domains around has been interesting.
For example, Microsoft online Outlook.com is pretty slick, a subscription based system yet pretty slick. GoDaddy legacy email still works. Other email solutions work just fine. It just depends on your workers and employee's needs.
Do they need to have all their devices connected to their email 24/7/365? If so, choose Microsoft. Hate to say it because I don't like subscriptions yet the functionality and interoperability is phenomenal.
If your team is somewhat tech savvy, and just working 8-5 M-F, then other services that are 1/2 the cost if not less are available too.
It comes down to cost per email box per month. For Godaddy, it can be as low as $1/month and found Microsoft $8/month. It adds up if you have a dozen employees or more and then you have access to other things as well.
The security part is pretty much wide open on any platform, so do not get a false sense of security regardless of the company you choose and the platform of IMAP, Exchange or POP3 types of email systems and protocols.
Migrating from one system to another is pretty easy. Backup your existing accounts, update your DNS MX records and have your new system ready and waiting for your to provision and connect your accounts and upload your content. About 5-15 minutes per mailbox or less, and depending on the size of each mailbox.
more to come...

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