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Apple, Maxwell introduction graphics and drawing and animation

by Andy Flagg, Publication Date: Sunday, March 7, 2021
View Count: 40, Keywords: Apple, Maxwell, Drawing, Graphics, Animation, Hashtags: #Apple #Maxwell #Drawing #Graphics #Animation

This is a post in reverse days. This should have been posted yesterday, yet I was busy with .. what you ask?
Apple Maxwell graphics animation introduction from circa 1982. I asked myself, after googling the world for a glimpse of the logo and introduction and nowhere could it be found. Was I imagining this? Nope.
So, I got out my drawing paper, pencil, sharpener, and some open space on my desk, and closed the door.
After 1 hour, I had my sketches of Maxwell and the Apple logo done. I even had the storyboard completed and animation key frames done. Nice job Andy!!! So, I pulled up my VB6 Pro development platform, loaded the graphics and scanned in sketches, and started the animation sequencing in a VB6 kind of way.
Remember sprites? How to animate things via sprites? I do. so, I am almost done. Stay tuned.
more to come...

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