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Favorite programming language for 2021

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2021
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Today on Twitter one of my favorite tweeters asked, "what's your favorite programming language?" his answer was JavaScript. My reply was "SQL. as long as I have no interruptions, 6 hours and 1TB database to play with"
Others in the post said in ranking order:
1. C#
2. C
3. PHP
4. Python
5. Go
In my code base in git, i have c# and vb so not too much going on. Most of the code I support today is 50/50 legacy/new VB, ASP, C vs JavaScript,SQL, C#. I want to ween off some of my legacy code sooner than later. The administration part of my work keeps me in the cmd scripting and csh, and not too much powershell.
our toolset and packages in hardware, software, network, etc. are: operating systems of late are Windows 10 Pro, Windows Server 2019, Linux Mint 20, Peppermint 10, and virtualization is mostly Virtual Box and some VMWare. Good stuff. Our networks are mostly SonicWall, and our some Cisco, some BullGuard, some TPLink, some Dell and HP managed switches. Remote tools are mostly Teamviewer and RDP.  Email is mostly Exchange, hMail, GMail for Business, GoDaddy Hosted Business Mail.
more to come.

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