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Why do search engines not find me - should I write my own search engine

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, May 6, 2021
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After two through five weeks of research why myBlog is not being scanned and ranked for its content, it could be a blessing or curse. I have found that if you don't write and run your own search engine, you can't control it.
For whatever it is worth, I am going to re-write the search engine base algorithm approach to my content for me, and about 1000 other clients.
Here is the problem.
** I have done 15 years of SEO research and application and found the following: you cannot lead and manage it unless you own it! I do have a poison pill for those that have abused us. I am not sure I want to release it.
Let's see what happens. I am actually excited. I am going to hammer on my search engine now... its been 20 years in the making..
more to come...
PS. You know, back in 1999, before Google - I had the same idea and wanted to explore it and capitalize on it.

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