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Indexing data and searching revisited - SQL - MS Access

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, May 7, 2021
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Today, I had the opportunity to work on a 2TB database that was live, no archives, no backups.
So, I had to help some clients rework their reporting and queries, and it was, fun! They had good indexing and their tables were okay. They just had a problem getting some joins to work on their reporting queries. No Problem for me!
My days of T-SQL are long gone-- NOT! I love to explore the complexity of the database and all the tables, some 100 tables, loosely connected and tons of data.
When you get to play in a live production database in SQL, remember, there was a time, this was normal.
I am surprised they did not have a daily offline version accessible by something like MS Access with some protection and backups, etc. I might suggest that shortly. 
more to come...

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