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SSD drives coming in as expected... yay...

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2021

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The SSD drives being ordered now, some were back ordered, are now coming through and making their way to my back repair benches were they can be used...
Over the years, I just kept the following limited QSS (quick supply service) items:
* 1-2 power supplies (350-600W, depending, to test clients pcs for bad PSU)
* 4-8GB of RAM (DDR3, DDR4, 2-4 sticks for testing client systems for bad ram)
* 2-3 SSD hard drives for quick replacement of platter drives
that's about it. in the military, as a PLL Clerk/TAMS, I had a TO&E (authorized list) for the company that I had to keep perfect, managed, authorized, and replenished. These items were like starters, gaskets, bearings, batteries, etc... stuff that was direct support authorized and inventory levels and re-order points tightly managed. Yet this QSS (quick supply service) items on the motorpool bay floor were allowed and loosely managed and stocked with lugnuts, tire stems, ... little stuff.. yet minor items that needed replacement on a moments notice from various normal fair wear and tear (FWT).
for me, the same applies here, yet I don't have a TO&E just a QSS and very limited for a good reason. No inventory is better than inventory especially is your wholesaler and reseller is just a few minutes away with adequate storage of the items you need. Let them have the carrying costs and required management and oversight.
more to come...

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