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Tests, Exams, Finals should be redeveloped and renamed and called Puzzles and Challenges

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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I had an epiphany today whereas, the anxiety of being in school or some form of educational setting and being told there will be a "test", "a quiz", "a final", "midterms", etc... they should be renamed to be called "puzzles" or "challenges", and the benefit is less stress, less anxiety and more curiosity and intrigue rather than the rigor of fear and doubt of passing the aforementioned.
In that light, the rest of the epiphany went on to stop the singling out of winners and losers, and rank and file due to accomplishments.
For example, valedictorian or magna cum laude, or first place, or gold medal, etc...
I am not trying to eliminate accomplishments and greatness, yet the mere fact, separating people as a whole between winners and not winners is not a forever benefit.
In fact, it would be better that we have puzzles to be solved, and those that cannot solve them right away are not disdained or felt less than, yet given time to better understand the puzzle and solution. Much like, a challenge is not about being the first or best, but solving and completing the challenge.
So what if some can complete the challenge in a minute and you can solve it in five minutes. The point is the challenge and puzzle is solved. That is the true nature of what humans can be, can become and benefit for the long run.
Let's expand on this in how anxiety negatively affects life long growth and learning; the failure becomes buried in your subconscious and memories, and the win or pass is merely added to a list of normal steps of growing up. Negativity is very powerful while Positivity seems to flourish best when failure is not so much a concern.
For example, compare the tortoise versus the hare. notice "versus". Seems to be separation of better or worse versus instead "and" used. now compare the tortoise and the hare. not so harsh, huh? words are powerful and the context in how they are applied. Now, I know in many cases, I am the tortoise, yet while others show off as the hare, how does the story end? remember, the tortoise ends the race, and the hare ends the race, both first, both last, both at the same time, yes? considering all that, from beginning to the end, there is a flurry of activity for one, and a methodical patience and pace for the other, and while some know how the hare might seem better, and the tortoise not so, yet is that true? the answer is, it depends on how one looks at life and how they are wired. for me, its a tie, and life, from the beginning to the end is a journey, some go fast and burn out, and some go slow and eventually burn out ; rather instead of burn out ; experience their mortality at some point along time...
For me, a puzzle inspires me to explore it, whereas, a test, requires me to study. One pushes me while the other pulls me. The energy and long term benefit of one versus the other can be studied, and the comparison analyzed to likely show, a life long learner is pulled into the exploration of learning by curiosity and the reward of learning and sharing; while the test exam final passing type is set for a momentary need to achieve something and put the accomplishment on the wall or resume or something else less permanent.
Remember, life long rewards is about the journey, and not so much how many medals you have on your breast plate, yet how many people have you helped without the need to seek a reward and beat your chest and show off. Pride, a fickle thing and fleeting, while Patience and Understanding is more wholesome and enduring.
So while more can be shared, which are you today and what do wish to be tomorrow, and when you look back, be mindful that the bumps one has experienced is not about pass or fail of tests and exams, finals, etc... though that is sort of how society has warped us, yet the true lifelong benefactors are those that seeks to solve puzzles, riddles and challenges that have inspired us for ages and will continue to thwart us, yet for the enjoyment of the chase we find meaning and friendships among others on the journey, and not some pit stop in the night where one wins or loses, yet where one/we can enjoy a sip of coffee or tea and look at the stars and wonder; what, when, where, and how, and most importantly, why. That is a puzzle and maybe a riddle.
Enjoy and remain always wondering and believing, and try to not be so hard on people who might take a little longer to figure things out. They will, eventually. That is life. We are mortal and yet we live forever if we remain kind, patience, supportive and other fine qualities.
Oddly, I sometimes will ask another, "Shall you pride yourself on being right or kind? My answer: I choose kind."
It has not always been that way for me, yet I work at it. Actions rather than just words alone like a dash of salt here, sugar there, some vinegar over there, and a huge dollop of sour cream on this, and definitely ice cream on that. Don't be so hard on yourself and let yourself stumble, and then get back up, and keeping trying. Smile.
Enjoy the moon and stars at night, and a few passing clouds, and enjoy days filled with sunshine, rain, occasionally some lightning, the rustle of leaves and falling pine needles, the greens and blues in water and nature, the oranges and reds in lava and passion, and the white wispy clouds your mind makes into shapes.
PS. my epiphany led me to look up William Shakespeare and read his wiki and smile...very interesting...
REF: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Shakespeare
more to come...

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