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Greenwashing - that is a new term I just learned

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, November 2, 2021
View Count: 276, Keywords: Greenwashing, Greta, Global Policy, Local Responsibilities, Ethics, Hashtags: #Greenwashing #Greta #GlobalPolicy #LocalResponsibilities #Ethics

Greta Thunberg's comment on "greenwashing" at the COP26 is spot on. I for one, believe in that governments do more lip service than action. They say they will do it, yet for some reason, it takes 20-30 years to turn this fossil fuel ship, that only took 100 years to exacerbate.
Its okay. She is young and full of piss and vinegar and will get the job done. I believe in her.
For us, me personally, I believed in it from the word Green Light Go. Let's do it. The ethics in saying one will do it and not do it is at stake. I don't care regardless of the leader, they are slow to decide. We need critical mass to be achieved, and the polar caps melting extremely fast is not enough for them. For me, we should have the US coast shoreline rise 10 feet and then we will see what happens. Maybe nothing.
Maybe government will agree that this is a natural progression, just like all the forest fires burning everything down. We as humans are the problem, not nature. Maybe humans are getting in the way of life.
more to come...

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