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BACnet and Johnson Controls are gaining momentum with HVAC power savings and carbon reduction - BACnet SQL data driven technology

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, December 3, 2021
View Count: 356, Keywords: HVAC, BACnet, Johnson Controls, Carbon Footprint Reduction, Savings, Hashtags: #HVAC #BACnet #JohnsonControls #CarbonFootprintReduction #Savings

This just in, BACnet awarded Johnson Controls more certifications in an effort to reduce power usage, increase savings, improve customer experience, and help the planet with better power energy heating cooling administration and management.
That is a huge win! I am a huge fan of data driven results and SQL has always been a game changer, and with better tools, administration, instrumentation, and more... its a win-win-win.
For 25+ years I have been a systems developer and application integration engineer using SQL for so many companies and projects in the manufacturing, support, finance, building systems, operations, data centers, academia, and more.
The possibilities are unlimited.
REF: https://twitter.com/BACnetIntl/status/1466764381954482181
more to come...

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