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Humor and reality - some have it and some do not

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, December 31, 2021

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Humor and a reality check is important.
In the past few weeks, many clients are going through some gyrations with their teams, plans and future.
I have to step back and look at my work, life, family in terms of others and consider the situations.
If you look back at the past, and your future, is optimism in ones vocabulary. I hope it is. I have it. Many I know are 50/50 rather than cheery and bright regarding any and all situations.
What I have found that most frustration is due to a lack of control over ones situation over others. For me, no one has the ability to control another. They might work together as a team on an agreeable before, during and after; yet for the most part. No one should be absolutely in control over another. That's just life.
Consider folks who are always frustrated; is it them or someone thing? Usually it is them, and whatever beef they  have with life and others. Sometimes I believe it is a control issue for some. If they are not controlling someone else they are empty and usually means they are not in control of their own life.
What does all this mean and say?  It means Humor and a reality check is important.
Recently I have found a lot of frustrated folks close and far away and all I can say to them, they never were in control another, and if they ever believed so, they are unfortunately terribly mistaken and step back and settle down.
My clients I don't control. Nor do they control me or my company. That goes for relationships close and afar. Its just a reality and one can only wish others are not negatively affecting oneself. Sometimes, folks make up stuff and imagine their own issues as the problems created by others; that is not true. Usually it is a reality check they are missing within themselves.
Have some humor. Relax. Breathe. Be Happy.
If one is trying to control others to be happy - immediately stop and do an about face, 180 degree change. That means not leaving a relationship with a company, team, friend or family - just come to realize - one is mortal and should not be stressed out over things that was never within their control - and probably should not be.
Have a Happy New Year 2022.
more to come...

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