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Data sets and old school mathematics do apply regardless

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, January 21, 2022
View Count: 161, Keywords: Data Sets, Mathematics, Applicability, Hashtags: #DataSets #Mathematics #Applicability

I have always had to stress to really smart people, old school mathematics apply first, the basic language and understanding how to explain what is needed, primarily in the use of that language supersedes the higher levels of thinking beyond until the lower language of the methods is understood.
Basic reasoning and problem solving can be done quite easily if the proper basic rules are set in a problem and then the solution tools and methods become self evident. Sometimes, the solution is not well understood and explained which can cause basic problem solution sets to fail over and over, until the common basic language is fully understood between all.
Oddly, stress and frustration can be overwhelming. Take it easy on yourself and step back and let cooler minds prevail. Ignore the chest beating and prowess of thou are my brother, and let them know, great minds prevail when the coolest of cool minds whisper instead of raise thou voice.
more to come...

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