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Monitors and graphics cards

by Mountain Computers, Inc., Publication Date: Friday, January 28, 2022
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Well, the time has come for more PC monitors and the costs are good to horrible.
22" not bad still priced higher than 2 years ago, yet do able
27" same ole same ole
32" pricey again and depends on the quality
the ports on these monitors is getting tricky too. of course, SVGA is passe, and now its just HDMI and Display Port, and skip the DVI-D; wow.
As far as graphics cards; the industry is doing an interesting substitute of something for the 6600 series and 4GB VRAM. Odd, instead of the classic 6GB or 8GB, the 4GB is being slipped out an was in the mid $400s now its in the mid $200s. Well, if you can get a CPU with the GPU and motherboard to support it versus above board GPU and processor without the GPU, go for it. Its up to you.
more to come...

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