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So it begins... 5:05AM

Published: Tuesday, May 3, 1966 written by Drew Jackson
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So it begins, 5:05AM Pacific Standard Time in Ashland Oregon .....yep, the sign of a Taurus... that explains a lot...
Born: Andrew Jackson Wilson
Fostered: 18 months old, stayed with the Flagg's most of that time, CPS took good care of me. had a real sister and brother. Angela Dawn Wilson, adopted at birth to folks out on Murrita Terrace and named her Angela Sue Stone, and Bruce ? Wilson with another family. Got to see them a few times in 12 years, but that was it. Lost track of Bruce at age 11. Lost track of sister at age 22. Reconnected with sister at age 32.

Adopted: Age 12 by Flagg's, changed name to Andrew Robert Flagg
the battle of my foster to adoption in 5th grade... Missouri grand parents fought hard to convince me to change to them but in the end, the Judge asked me, where do you want to go? I said the Flagg's have always been nice to me. and there you have it...
took on Robert, adopted Dad' middle name.
played with name initials idea of ARF (dog) or RAF (royal air force) 
more to come...

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