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Programming in JavaScript versus C# versus SQL versus ASP

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2022
View Count: 429, Keywords: Programming, C#, SQL, ASP, Hashtags: #Programming #C# #SQL #ASP

Programming in the last 72 hours made me realize the power of knowing your programming languages pretty good, not great, yet good enough to get the job done, and done very well.
Which language do I love the most, C# - by far. Its not as easy as other languages yet its fast! If I get my functions and logic simple, its an amazing language. Plus, when I go into parallel processing, I really see the CPU pull.
When it comes to databases, prototype in VBA and MS Access, and then take it to SQL or SQLite.
ASP is my preferred language on the web server side and JavaScript on the client/server. Good stuff!!
more to come...

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