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Windows 2000 Server 0x7b BSOD

Published: Friday, November 30, 2018 written by Drew Jackson
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Keywords: Windows 2000 Server 0x7b BSOD

really?? On a Friday morning - you've got to be kidding me, fix a Windows 2000 Server with a BSOD 0x7b code?
that's what I get for supporting clients with legacy servers. haha
so, for those in the know.. don't waste your time with what Microsoft MVP's say and their posts, who have never installed or repair more than 1 or 2 production servers, or only worked in the test labs..
1. boot to server os cd
2. Press R for repair mode
3.  Press C for console, and if prompted for which OS, probably type 1 and press enter, otherwise just go to #4
4. Type fixboot and press enter, type fixmbr and press enter, and then type chkdsk /r and wait...
5. when done reboot... hold your breath, and it should come alive..
i bet you $1 that is was a BIOS conflict, weak battery that lost the legacy ATA vs AHCI configuration a few times rebooted and needed a nudge to fix itself. also permissions get screwed up, so don't worry, pull the drive if not RAID and do an external chkdsk and clean out temp and log files and let the system settle back down. even if it were a virus, it should come backup and you can go from there.

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