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PGN notation, chess game programming 101

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, December 6, 2018
View Count: 386, Keywords: pgn, game programming, 101, chess, Hashtags: #pgn #gameprogramming #101 #chess

so I am programming this chess game and wow, talk about the history of internet and client/server gaming challenges people have come up with over time, since the late 1990s and dial-up to now...
i have to admit, keeping the chess game programming simple makes testing easier and when this thing starts to scale it should get interesting. I love writing bullet proof code, so let's keep this simple - all the better.
its been over a year prior to getting this started, back in July 2017..  now i have a deadline by 12/31/18... to get a beta going..
more to come...

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