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Quality Management jobs -- most people just do not know

Published: Thursday, November 15, 2018 written by Drew Jackson
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Keywords: quality management, metrics, motivation, manufacturing

When it comes to Quality, most quality people don't know anything...

When it comes to Quality, most quality people don't know anything about production flow and morale, usability -- they just know how to collect and run reports and tell you how bad things are and to improve your numbers or else tell the leadership and management (ahem, they are going to tell leadership and management anyhow).
So why do I start this blog the way I do; it's because in all my experiences the quality folks have a job to do and most just interfere with overall cohesiveness of any operations.
How can Quality Management do better? First of all, find a leader or manager in the work flow that knows a little of both, quality and results, with a big dose of motivation know how, human behavior and psychology understandings.

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