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Display Port and HDMI v1.3 v1.4

Published: Thursday, December 13, 2018 written by Drew Jackson
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Keywords: Display Port, DP, HDMI, 1.3, 1.4

 i am working on some new video cards for some doctor's offices and we are now getting to 3+ monitors, so DVI-D and HDMI is no longer just good enough for 2 monitors, and then of course the ole SVGA option for some is enough, but then you get 3 hi definition diagnostic monitors and you need all HiDef video, so the Display Port becomes really available in 1050 Ti and higher cards that are affordable (given the bitcoin and crypto mining craze that jacked up the high end display card pricing)...
now we need display port connection, affordably.. what do you do?
get the DP to HDMI cable or a DP to HDMI adapter...
there are just two good options... MONOPRICE or AMAZON for good choices..
Cable Creations offers DP to HDMI Adapter, CableCreation 1080P Gold Plated Displayport to HDMI Converter Male to Female 1.3V Black, versus the 1.4V version noted... 
more to come

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