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Nvidia vs AMD valuation, Cryptomining interest drops, Graphics Cards become affordable

Published: Sunday, December 16, 2018 written by Drew Jackson
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Keywords: cryptomining, nvidia, amd, affordable

Well market is finally coming to terms with cryptomining and graphic card pricing. we knew it would happen just when would be the question. well, now that I finally bought a 1050 graphics card at $150 the higher end cards are now coming down.. thanks folks!! hehe.
anyhow, Nvidia is poised to continue to rocket with cash and AMD is getting out of debt fast so on one hand Nvidia is poised to continue to pay dividends and on the other hand AMD is set to take the market by storm with better tech and rise to the occasion of being better overall given time and no hiccups.
read both of these articles if you want to see some math on corporate financial positions, and then as  consumer look at the two or three video cards that are now becoming affordable for the average consumer.
more to come.

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