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Linkedin still Relevant? Betteridges law of headlines

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, January 5, 2019
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while reading the latest SlashDot, I came across this article asking if LinkedIn was still relevant.
a poster replied, "Betteridges law applies here". that was one I had not heard of before, so I set off to understand this new law... guess what.. i read it, and believe the relevant answer to a headline ending with a question mark as "No", in my case, should be, "Yes". 
Betteridge, a technology journalist, was surmising that a headline with a question mark is to elevate the humor in a topic via a question in a headline. To me, could he be trying in my own words; satire, humor, or reverse psychology.
I beg the question, is Linkedin relevant? yes. one must master a thing to know a thing. where that quote came from I have no idea, but like most things, nothing is new under the sun. attribution is appropriate unless you or one is truly synthesizing a new concept or innovation from the existing.
more to come...

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