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SQL 2017 performance, clustered vs non-clustered indexes 1.5 million records, time for a cursor?

Published: Sunday, January 13, 2019 written by Drew Jackson
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Keywords: performance, sql 2017, indexes, clusted, non-clustered

I am processing 1.5 million records and the index is not behaving correctly, and the two columns that are indexed seems awfully slow. what gives? drop index, create clustered index.
Now after 3 hours of testing, I should not post process, but in-process record column in line with record retrieval. so do a quick record update on 55,000 records and then drop and rebuilding indexes does not matter.
should i have looked at a post process cursor, but most say no, but then again, if the cursor would pull the record set nearly instantaneously, but it won't so, drop into a local or global temp table? hmmm... processing data is sort of crazy, but the goal is the questions to be asked of the database. focus!
more to come...

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