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Email traffic being tapped? Emailed PDFs infected?

Published: Wednesday, January 23, 2019 written by Drew Jackson
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Keywords: email, internet, tapped, encryption

Two more clients, hacked and they don't know where or how. Had nothing to do with what anything we do for them, but nevertheless, the 3rd party provider BlueHost Email provider (online/cloud) will be contacted, Intuit Quickbooks will be  contacted (online/cloud), and one more vendor not mentioning contacted, and voila. Fake invoices, fake emails, spoofing of email traffic, outside vendors involved, inside staff and subcontractors involved. The exposure is everywhere.
As I suspected four years ago, our communications are being tapped by AI / basically someone is in between on un-encrypted traffic and picking up all the nuances of a conversation. You believe your cell phone is off and not listening? What about your home IoT plugged into your ethernet or wireless network is not exposed and listening.
Even when encrypted, the source and destination are exposed, but the content within is not, unless the logs on either end are exposed as well.
Email PDF attachments with invoices that are fake with fake destinations, but legitimate details, source, date/time ranges, etc. Wow, they have been watching your business more than you realize.
what can you do? change passwords? look for leaks? look for suspicious trends?
all of that.
more to come...

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