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Computer Parts, retail/wholesale - Newegg, TigerDirect, ASI, MALABS, B&H, Amazon, Ebay, MonoPrice, BattDepot, SuppliesOutlet

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, February 7, 2019
View Count: 2153, Keywords: NewEgg, Amazon, Ebay, ASI, Malabs, Tiger Direct, MonoPrice, BattDepot, SuppliesOutlet, Hashtags: #NewEgg #Amazon #Ebay #ASI #Malabs #TigerDirect #MonoPrice #BattDepot #SuppliesOutlet

Where do you get the parts that make the most sense? here are a few that we use.
always a great go to source. they just implemented sales tax collection in January 2019, so if you are a reseller, who need to fill out that form. Since we are in Nevada, I am just letting them NewEgg collect the tax and report it, rather than me, do it. Saves me the hassle of collecting and paying it, yet I still have to report it. If not, get the sales tax form filled out and use it.
We use Newegg for a lot of items. computer cases, motherboards, RAM, hard drives, optical drives. GSkill, Crucial, Rosewill, Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, AsRock, MSI, etc..
great for cables.
great for batteries.
Tiger Direct
always a good 2nd source for older boards.
we use to use them. good for those spending $1million > a year
a previous IT computer company I co-owned, we used to use them. good for those spending $1million > a year, which we did.
good place to go for used hard to find parts for pcs and peripherals.

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