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Amazon AWS

Amazon EC2 vs Microsoft Azure, Part Deux

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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So, after 6 months now of testing between Amazon AWS EC2 and Microsoft Azure, the jury is back and Amazon EC2 wins out overall.


My Facebook posts include the following:


"tips: 2-3ยข/hour cheaper for aws medium/large/xlarge, get volume sizing perfected during testing b4 production rollout, and your network security perfected and DNS tested and confirmed. ;-) whew. next big server.. 41 websites migrating... 7 applications across 4 servers..whew.. long hours.. well worth it.."


"i like microsoft. yet. Good stuff.. if I still owned Microsoft stock, I was probably still lean to AWS. My Microsoft days I still did not eat their dogfood if Netscape was better and faster.. I just developed Microsoft applications to be better based on competitive production level usage and testing. I remember using UNIX System 5 to solve Microsoft challenges until Windows NT 3.51 and NT 4.0/2000 came out and finally stabilized a lot of performance issues. i developed and tested azure for 6 months compared to aws ec2 and found aws 20% more responsiveness, 10% easier administration, 50% easier billing management, backups and restores 30% easier, and 100% better logging, all internal tools 50% faster, 25% stronger, 50% lighter, 70% easier to navigate, even customer service was faster with sales engineers responding while azure had non-technical sales people responding to technical q&a and failing miserably. ugghh. poor microsoft azure. they'll get there.."


"so for me techno peeps who are chiming in via chat. ;-) it's okay. i do what's best for my customers. data science and what's my value add book writing experiences apply here. have a great day. now everyone get back to work and do something great to help your family, neighbors, and world.."


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