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AMD Processor Intel Processor

Intel versus AMD / servers and VMs

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, March 1, 2019
View Count: 674, Keywords: Intel, AMD, Ryzen, E7500, i7-8700k, FX-8350, and so on, Phenom AM2+, Hashtags: #Intel #AMD #Ryzen #E7500 #i7-8700k #FX-8350 #andsoon #PhenomAM2+

Over the last three years, it has been fun to try and get the best price for the best performance. Between the designs, builds, and repairs, I believe the i7-8700K was the most amazing. The FX-8350 was a favorite for a while; though now I know more about the FX-8350 versus the i5 at the same time.
Still the FX-8350 makes me smile about how fast it was in multi-threaded multi-core operations.
I have tried all sorts of AMD processors, and now I am hooked on the Phenom AM2+ series and 8 to 16GB or RAM, and of course, the FX-8350 series was fun too.
What was the amazing I found was the i7-8700K processor and the performance experienced.
If the price were not such an issue, I would have an i7-8700K in every computer I touched. the FX-8350 was pretty slick too, but then I digress and recall the Dual Core E7500 series was amazing too.
Many of the virtual machines I am spinning up in testing, a quad core is necessary to split of some dual core VM VDIs and then some..
Comparison benchmarks are galore: just take a look at these.
more to come..

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