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Restore your Backups as a test - do you?

Published: Tuesday, April 9, 2019 written by Drew Jackson
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Keywords: Data Recovery, Business Continuity

Last week, we took the opportunity to review a organization's division backups - have they ever tried to restore from a possible and potential future crash? Answer: no.
Backups are running fine. Sure. I get it. But who will do the restore and have you tested the script?
Oddly enough, the larger the data set the large the application framework, the less likely that will happen; a successful restore, and how long will that take? Cloud backups of an image, restored in how many minutes, hours, days?
What do you do? you incrementally parse and piece together and segment your applications and data from failure.
You isolate, contain, cross understand and verify the dependencies; then you can make sure data sets and segments are backed up, restor-able by segment, and scale.
tough to do? nope. might take a little while. yep.
more to come...

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