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Same Machine - Simultaneous development platforms, one client side, the other server side

Published: Friday, May 3, 2019 written by Drew Jackson
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Keywords: Development Platforms, Simultaneous, Client Side, Server Side

For the past week, while transitioning from Visual Studio 2017 to 2019, one of my development solutions is Mystery Chess. What I find difficult is developing both client and server side components a different times, rather than at the same time on the same machine.
so, my solution is spin up virtual box, add my host OS, and my host development platform.
16gb alienware i7 920, 500gb ssd os drive, 2tb sshd data drive
1. win 10 os 64, vs 2019, 8Gb, 4 core, client side
2. vbox, win 7 os 64, vs 2019, 8Gb, 4 core, server side
that should do it.
more to come...

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