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Network Security via Obscurity

Published: Wednesday, May 15, 2019 written by Andy Flagg
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Keywords: Network Security, Obscurity, Deflection

In the past year, our analysis has been showing that the network security intrusion prevention intrusion detection is more about obscurity that it is about brute force defense.
Do organizations just like universities use known security techniques which is known to many? Do they try some degree of obscurity defense? I am not sure how effective it can be. That is good. The less we know the better.
I shared with one of my colleagues a major fortune 100 company a while back, I said,
"the less we publish the better, the less everyone knows the better, the more we audit internally, the better, to more we use a watch tower approach the better, the more we practice what-if scenarios the better, the more we obscure our approaches the better. Don't be predictable. Be preventative and use collision avoidance thinking."
that is my paragraph of the year... we do like to publish to keep the conversation going, but we need to be mindful of what to do in the event of meteor strike. be humble. be responsive. be respective, and of course, we are all mortal.
more to come...

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