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Data Warehouses, ETL

Published: Monday, May 27, 2019 written by Drew Jackson
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Keywords: Data Warehouses, EDW, Normalization, 2FN, 3FN

Today was a good day to re-review database normalization, especially since a project might involve Wherespace and TeraData in the gaming industry. Crazy as it might seem, being a data expert, its fun to assess and improve existing data architectures, and make adjustments.
the new terms ironically about data are so interesting. from RDBMS to EDW, normalization versus cubing, versus transforms versus hub and spoke versus all the automated transformations to a a data mart... very interesting to say the least. some big fancy words like data lake, evolution, etc...
the company called Wherespace is rather interesting little startup from Portland Oregon back in 2002. They have an interesting history... and TeraData, even more interesting...
more to come...

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