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My musings regarding Twitter account numerics and stats and ratios

Published: Monday, June 3, 2019 written by Andy Flagg
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Keywords: twitter, follow, unfollow, ratios, stats

I find it handy to use these rules for counts to ratios, numbers, tweets, tweet replies, tweet likes., etc..
my favorite quote i just made up,  "to follow or to un-follow, that is the question my dear watson"
my musing rules:
  1. have equal number of followers as you follow until your followers out number who/what you follow by a magnitude of 5 or more...
  2. make sure your tweet count is at least 1/2 of your like count...
  3. just some trends and patterns I notice in my tweet account and behavior that normalizes over time...
  4. occasionally go in and unfollow individuals those that have chosen to don't follow you anymore...
  5. pick organization to follow that add value, not distract your followers and you.
more to come...

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