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CNAME records, processing, bcp load ETL

Published: Monday, June 17, 2019 written by Drew Jackson
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Keywords: CNAME, 118 million domains, BCP Load ETL

what is important is the insight of the analyzed CNAME website content is useful to develop counter and production attack vectors to help companies solve problems with their web development tools and frameworks to improve search engines and quickly identify hacking trends into content.
processing 118 million CNAME records is no easy feat. one thing we have learned in processing flat JSON files into more OLAP ready files is a fast drive array and a dedicated workstation.
even a basic i7 with lots of ram and extremely fast sata controller and sata (sas) drives are the way to go.
not to worry, this little exercise leads into big data analysis which is very insightful from seo optimization issues we have found in domains and websites, to security hacks that are found in websites.
more to come...

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