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military service for all, is that even possible

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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is it even thinkable for military service requirements this day and age for high school graduates?
not all military MOS (jobs) positions are combat related; in fact, the military is one of the largest organizations in the world where there are necessary jobs to be filled from A to Z.
so when you think military service, its not necessarily lock and load, but defend our country in any capacity that you are great at doing.
look at the Manhattan project; daycare facilities and 1/2 the staff were pregnant (okay, exaggerating maybe), but Rosie the Riveter, and so on; every trade, every skill, every need was fulfilled by brave and courageous citizens who came to the aid of their country in any capacity they could fulfill; combat or otherwise.
we all learned how to hold a gun and defend ourselves, our family; just like a rock, bow and arrow, spear or knife, or even words and shear brute strength.
to all, i believe the military service would go a long way in this country if every man and woman of age 18 served for 2-4 years and got out or stayed in and learned how to salute the US Flag with honor.
peace. amen.
more to come...

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