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biden survey on twitter - just completed..

Published: Thursday, June 20, 2019 written by Drew Jackson
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Keywords: biden, twitter survey, 2020

just was invited to complete the biden survey for 2020.
i said, yes i would vote in 2020, no i would not vote for biden, i answered he does not care about my needs, i answered he is lower than average of the last vice presidents in office, and my top priorities were this and not his, and i don't think he cares about these, otherwise he would have done something about it since 1973 when he got involved in being a congress person.
1. national debt. must be zero by 2030 and that number forever.
2. national defense should be optimized, DoD Coast Guard and Border Security one in the same.
3. Space Command completed to colonize the Moon and beyond by 2030
4. EPA optimized for clean air and water, more green energy
5. better relations between mexico and canada for jobs, manufacturing, trade
more to come...

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