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US Army entry - Oregon MEPS Station

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, September 1, 1984
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US Army entry - Oregon MEPS Station

September 1, 1984


Mom dropped me off with a sack lunch (just a sandwich) and a bottle of Martinelli's sparkling cider at Edna's book exchange in Ashland Oregon over on Oak St just a block from Lithia Plaza downtown.


The Greyhound bus I boarded took me to Portland where I got off and proceeded to get in-processed into the US Army.


I recall walking into a room full of other recruits to swear my oath of duty,


I recall meeting with an in-processing recruiter who asked me about my delayed entry time and yes, when asked, I inhaled twice and was thrown out of the telecommunication MOS and had to change gears to Motorpool supply MOS. I was supposed to go to basic training and AIT school one place and that changed in a heartbeat. Later that day I told my Mom. Though she was not happy, she was happy I told the truth.


There was a medical physical inspection in a gym where everyone got to take their clothes off and turn around, spread your cheeks and have a guy walk around with gloves on to look between your cheeks and agree or disagree with his findings. What that was about I have no idea.


I recall the night before the flight out, getting drunk with a SSG in this Portland motel where all the recruits got drunk and had fun mixing it up until 3am. The wake up call at 6am came too early.


From there, a bus ride from the motel to Portland Airport (PDX) and then a jet plane ride to St. Louis Missouri and a bus ride to Ft. Leonard Wood.


Military life starts to get more interesting then.!!


more to come...


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