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Meaningful Quotes and Writings

Published: Monday, November 1, 1982 written by Drew Jackson
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Meaningful Quotes and Writings

November 1, 1982

Writing was never my strongest skill when I was young. Over the years my mastery of writing has improved.


A chronological timeline of meaningful quotes and writings.



The first critical experience - Mr. Sharp - 1980 -So it does not surprise anyone that I earned my first F in English c/o of my junior high school teacher, Mr. Sharp. It was an unannounced (announced) pop quiz on a Monday. He chuckled. Laughed. Nice one Mr. Sharp. Enjoy your vineyards you talk so much about in class.


The second critical experience - Mrs. Colby - a very harsh grade, a D. She said I was not a good writer - 1983. Odd, in college the same first years papers were graded with an A. Yes, I resubmitted the exact papers in our exact assignments . Interesting.


First Meaningful Quote - 8th Grade Poetry Ensemble


"Dear Friend; you ask me if I believe God will come back someday. I can only say that if I believe in God as much as I believe in myself, then one day He will come back, and that is when I must go." - Andy Flagg


Letters home to Mom and Dad - US Army 1984-1987


US Army - Ft. Riley 34th Engineer Group 541st Maintenance Battaltion, Alpha Company - Motorpool.

  These are quotes I created and put on my motorpool parts room wall due to the nature of the environment there. The motor pool was a great place to work, yet there were some unsavory folks who needed to be told a few things that higher in rank but not in power.


  "When the dollar amount become very large, the business becomes violent and dangerous."

  "Do not abuse high performers"


US Army - Christopher Smith  - "Go for what you know!"


US Army -- "Only the Living Remember the Dead"


College era: entrance placement tests. Mrs. Pickett, Director of Placement. your scores are so bad you need remedial Math and English - 1987


... I ignored the advice...


College English - Writing 101 / 102  - A solid grade A. Your writing is excellent. Your 8th grade teacher should have known better and been more supportive - 1987


College Math - Math 110 / 111 - A solid series of grade A. - 1987


Guest Editorial Weekly Weekly: The Edge, OIT - The Humboldt Sun. Winnemucca, Nevada


Web Column - Andyf.com - 1997 - 2002


Master's Degree - a Solid A.


Newsletters @ Mountain Computers  2006-2008


First Book - The Appellant - 2016


First Blog - Mountain Marketing - 2016


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