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How much RAM should your Windows 10 PC have

Published: Friday, July 5, 2019 written by Drew Jackson
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Keywords: Windows 10, RAM, 16GB

Just announced by ZDNet, and we shall re-iterate what we said about 3 years ago, 8GB of RAM was good to get going with Windows 10 and 16GB is the predominant favorite.
For one, 8GB is just fine for DDR3 and since DDR4 came about, the price of that same amount of RAM has been halved. So, for 16GB of DDR4 is about the same price as 8GB of DDR3.
For newer DDR4 builds, that is fine. just have 1 each 16GB DDR4 1600 or 2400 (recommended), and for DDR3 builds, 8GB or 16GB its up to you.
more to come...

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