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Data Centers, why is HVAC so important and a dozen other #1 priorities

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, July 26, 2019
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a friend of mine in a data center once told me that security was the most important aspects in data centers, and I said, really? it can't just be security, it has to be more like a long list of #1s. he was set on his opinions and I had my list; more importantly remember, we are all just one M&A from our next big experience.
if I am a computer, the HVAC and Electricity is most important to me.
if I am a human, then the list is longer (see below).
if I am a network security appliance, then the network is important to me.
so on and so forth...
for example, politicians say this X or Y is their #1 most important thing, when in all actuality, there are about a dozen #1 priorities.
Let's start with a data center, and the all the #1 priorities.
#1. your client
#1. your team
#1. your suppliers
#1. your vendors
#1. your revenue and profit
#1. your cost controls and expenses
#1. your leadership
#1. your power
#1. your HVAC
#1. your network
#1. your security
#1. your fail-over
#1. your compliance
#1. your audit
#1. your risk management
#1. your legal compliance
#1. your retention rules
#1. your disposition rules
#1. your social, marketing and pr rules
#1. your documentation
#1. your disaster recovery
#1. your privacy
#1. your ethics
are there more? yes. just keep going...
more to come...

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